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There is no path,
You’re always on the path…

September is connected to the 9th body, the SUBTLE BODY.

The SUBTLE BODY is beyond time and space. It is our original imprint for unfolding in this life, unfolding in time and space. It is also our connection to our invisible origins. This body brings together our memories, our karma, which we will experience in this life. It is also our link to divine knowledge, to the Akash.

From the subtle body, we observe our lives and the lives of others as a multitude of expressions of the great whole. It is like a multitude of Ones (Sat Naam), unique manifestations of the same source which is ONE (Ek).

From this vibration of the subtle body, there is no separation between spiritual life and “normal” life. There is no path. At any moment, I can experience who I am! All I have to do is listen. Every moment is an opportunity to discover ourselves fully, and that’s where the path lies, it’s a posture, it’s an attitude, it’s an experience.

From this vibration of the subtle body, the separation with the animal and vegetable worlds dissolves, and we contemplate the divine in every manifestation of creation. Nature becomes a reflection of ourselves.

It is only the mind that judges, sees the discontinuity as something that should be different (the mind creates a problem), and looks for a solution to this discontinuity.

For example, we feel anger. Out of fear, belief, habit or education, we judge this anger as unacceptable. Instead of immersing ourselves in the somatic experience of this fire (sensations in the body), the source of life and power over our lives, we scatter ourselves to find a strategy to stop being angry. We distance ourselves from ourselves and fantasise about a ‘spiritual path’ where anger does not exist.

In short, we create problems that don’t exist and we look for solutions to these problems that we ourselves have created. The search for a solution, tinged with a desire to get somewhere or become someone, becomes a distraction that creates an even greater distance between my experience of the moment – who I am (deemed unacceptable by my mind) and the desire to be someone else (projected by my mind to avoid the discomfort of the moment).

In this dynamic of the mind, spirituality becomes confining. Spiritual knowledge becomes essentially mental, full of empty rituals and prejudices, and cultivates the illusion of an ideal path and an idyllic destination. It invites us to consume spiritual/wellbeing workshops and training courses in search of solutions. Spiritual teachers sell knowledge that unconsciously validates their strategies for avoiding their own somatic discomfort. As teachers, we can only help our students discover the parts of ourselves that we have discovered. The rest is just entertainment.

From the SUBTLE BODY, wanting to change your life is a process of becoming more open to yourself through listening. It means cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself.

Imagine a torrent flowing down a mountain. The current is very strong. Dead trees and rocks here and there change the movement of the water, creating waterfalls and pools. The sound of the water is powerful. If I look at this torrent, I might even be scared, everything seems so chaotic and uncontrollable. I might even say to myself that it’s dangerous and that dikes and dams need to be built to return to something more ‘normal’ and ensure that no one drowns.

If I sit down, close my eyes and start to listen, the experience is very different. Little by little, the elements calm down and harmonise. I become aware of my fears, my thoughts projected onto this torrent. In welcoming the sensations provoked by this relationship with the torrent, I discover the parts of me that say no to the torrent and the parts of me stimulated in contact with this force that say yes. I welcome this paradox (yes/no) in the experience without trying to resolve or understand it, without choosing yes or no. From there, I have a chance to touch the Anahat, the space that exists beyond this polarisation.

In deep listening, our relationship with this torrent, through the tension it creates, is an invitation to discover ourselves. It’s an opportunity to become aware of the parts of us that are stuck in the past and that react. By taking responsibility for the way we feel, we no longer need culprits or enemies. It is through the somatic experience of relationships that we can welcome ourselves fully, accept separation and finally realise that we come from the same source. This is what we call the process of incarnation.

In many traditional societies, there is no concept of nature as separate or external to humans. Nature is ‘socialised’, meaning that through listening, these peoples see no difference between a relationship with a tree or with another human being. This constant dialogue with the outside world, this constant relationship and listening to its resonance within them, dissolves all boundaries between inside and outside (Ek Ong Kar). This conscious communication with the living gives rise to spirits who become the interlocutors for the relationship with a plant, an animal, ….

In listening, each relationship is precious for discovering myself, embodying myself and saying yes to who we are. Sometimes saying yes to ourselves means saying no to the other person.

In listening, teaching is an opportunity to realise what distracts us from the experience of the moment. There is nothing to learn.

In listening, at every moment we are on the unique path of the moment.


Kriya for the 9th Body

Withdraw within, deepening your listening, connecting to your Sat Naam.

Meditation to invoke the inner power of Shiva

Inner silence for deep listening, recognizing Ek Ong Kar (inside and outside are one).

Practice with us on Youtube : 

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