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About Ajai Alai Awakening

Ajai Alai Awakening delivers awareness and community-building programs, with the intention to discover what it really means to be human.

We organize kundalini teacher trainings, gatherings, numerology programs, and retreats in several countries.
Our main focuses are togetherness and exploration, and our wish is to offer a space of deep listening and transformation, where everybody can come and experience his/her inner Self, and let the heart blossom freely.

Aquarian Faqir is the term that came spontaneously to name this path of inner exploration. It is a lifestyle with practices based on a spirit of community (sangat) and connection with the universal source of wisdom. It defines AAA’s new approach and the changes the school is constantly undergoing due to its organic growth and focus on what it is NOW.

“Love is nothing but giving, tolerating and sacrificing. Love is a process in which ego is lost and infinity is experienced.”

– Yogi Bhajan

Aquarian Faqir

The question. INNOCENCE
« I don’t know therefore I am ready to learn ».

Assuming i already know everything, I have no possibility to learn. Asking a question is a way to empty ourselves, engage the magnetic field and set our attitude as students. It is a way to recognize our inner paradoxes, the tensions and the tendencies that they produce without covering or pretending.

The satsang. LISTENING
Open sharing in a circle in which I can see myself in every other and hear the Teachings from the mouth of everyone. This requires a deep level of self listening : listening to the resonance of the words said in the circle within myself.

Alchemical process of refinement. Awakening of all the qualities of AGNI, from the digestive Agni to the fire of the heart and ultimately the body of light.
Attitude of Cherdi Kala which means « ever-rising spirit ». Readiness to burn all attachments to identities and forms, homes, institutions, belief systems, …

Inclusion of tools, techniques and practices. CELEBRATION
All forms are welcome : everything can be used to awaken and kindle our inner self. Many kinds of spiritual practices can be included. We don’t practice to achieve anything, or to go anywhere. Practice is an art, a way to express ourselves and celebrate life in its various manifestations.”

Our History

Sat Sarbat Kaur & Satmukh Singh founded Ajai Alai Awakening after their marriage in 2012, as an international school offering teacher trainings and awareness programs. By respectively expanding their knowledge and experience in specific fields, they supported, inspired, and taught each other about their discoveries in the field of healing and consciousness.

In 2014, Fateh Singh joined the school and naturally got more involved, nourishing it by his presence and expanding its scope. Today, we do not define AAA as a school any longer but rather as a place that directs the experience of everyone towards contributing and nourishing the experience of all.

The three of us share the common goal to build strong communities where people may support and inspire each other for healing, growth, and conscious living.

AAA’s spirit is one of inclusion and anyone who has something to contribute to that spirit is welcome.
AAA keeps growing, changing, and expanding. We have a solid team of teachers, trainers, community members who share the same vision.

If you have a special gift that you want to share or want more information, please contact us.


The ‘Darveshas’ became part of the Sufis and those of the saints who were just everything and were nothing. These are the people who lived through their life and enjoyed the godliness in themselves. They’ll enjoy the vastness in the self, they have the depth of all oceans, they have the height of all skies and they have width of all horizons. And they were still, simple humble human beings. We call them Fakirs, who have no worry, nothing to worry about, nothing to feel about, nothing to manipulate about.

– Yogi Bhajan

Our practices

include, but are not limited to:

Kundalini Yoga: as a compilation of so many practices of self transformation from various lineages, kundalini yoga is one of the fastest ways to detox, clear the energy channels and refine consciousness. With breath, sound and postures, we work directly on the psyche through the physical body, balancing all aspects of our being.

Agni Hotra: Vedic fire entertained daily at sunrise and sunset as a way to observe and recognize our own inner fire. It helps to purify the atmosphere and honor all living and sentient beings. Clears all kinds of pollution from the air to reset our connection with nature, the subtle pranas and realms of creation.

Shabd Yoga: singing and meditating on the sacred sound current, kirtan, shabd, mantras from all traditions. Merging in the sound to dissolve the sense of separation and let the heart rule.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib: compilation of poems from mystics, saints and bhaktas, who found ways to express their ecstasy through words and songs. We use this book as an oracle to invite self reflection and receive collective daily guidance.

Seva: selfless service to the community, non attachment to the results of our actions.

Constellations: Recognizing the morpho-genetic field and systemic perception. Learning to function as a collective being.

Dancing and Movements: free dance, ecstatic dance, Gurdjieff dance, dervish twirling, ecstatic postures, somatic movements, ….

Ayurvedic preparations: we work with the wonders of nature and mother Earth, the devas of plants and animals in harmony to develop our sensitivity and sense of interconnection. We can work with plants, spirulina, ghee, honey, ashes…


Ephemeral meetings around the globe.

To share and actualize frequencies, we feel the call to meet and meditate together. We gather according to the call of the heart, following the inner pulse of the Earth and our intuition, These meetings can be spontaneous, they can also be festivals, retreats, online offerings, responding to certain situations or places, countries or people we feel drawn to. Creating a web of interconnections.

Read for example about the  Aquarian Faqir Gathering that took place in Bursa, Turkey, in march 2020.

“By love, bitter things become sweet ; by love, copper becomes gold ; by love, the lees become clear ; by love, pain becomes healing ; by love, the dead man is made alive ; by love, the king is made slave. […] The presence of a friend is a book, and even more. The book of the Sufi is not made of ink and letters ; it is nothing but a heart white like snow”

— Mawlânâ Rûmî

Practice with us!

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