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Lonely or alone?

This year, many people around us felt burnt out and overwhelmed by the influx of information.

This is one of the themes of the year around the aura. When it is weak we feel pressured by our environment, and we cannot handle this pressure positively. Number 7 is very connected to how we deal with Agni, the metabolism of food, emotions, and thought forms.

Nowadays, there is an increase in the activity of solar flares, which has a tremendous impact on the Magnetic fields of earth and all living creatures. This increased activity affects Agni on all levels, and especially on our nervous system through which the fire of electricity is running through the whole body. This also strongly affects the influence of the Sun and of Mars in our natal charts. As the energies of those planets are triggered, this, in turn, has a substantial impact on our intimate relationships as they are the direct interplay of the polarity dynamics.

When we are overwhelmed, we are in a fight-flight-or-freeze mode, and we close up to protect ourselves from danger.

This can create a feeling of isolation from our environment and surroundings as we cannot receive what they emit. It can push us into a guilt loop of victimization and lethargy. We expect our partner to satisfy our needs for security, stability, support, care, and nourishment. That is a significant weight on their shoulders and might create a substantial imbalance in our relationship. We heard that this year was very challenging for a lot of couples.

One of the questions that arises and the energy of October is: How to be alone and not lonely?

If we don’t handle our loneliness, our interactions become compensations.

Being alone is a raw truth of our existence. We will die alone, but being lonely is a choice, and it is emotional. We can either be alone geographically or know we are alone on earth. Both are the truth. But when we give our being alone the emotional connotation of loneliness, this is when we feel separated.

When we feel lonely, it is essential to recognize our powerlessness and look for help when needed; otherwise, our surroundings will pay the cost for our pride because we will have unspoken expectations of others to rescue us and resolve our feelings of separation. We become needy, which is the best way NOT to get support. Indeed, we do not address others personally when we put weight on our environment through generalized complaints, criticism, and negativity without explicitly asking for help.

They will not be willing to take responsibility for helping us because doing this we do not address them. But there is a dangerous exception: if they try to be helpers, which is yet again a personal strategy to avoid their own feeling of separation, they might project this role on you. A role that has, again, nothing to do with others. In this way, we increase the separation, and everybody feels unheard! Two strategies playing, and no person taken care of! Many relationships work on this pride/guilt/shame game.

If we feel guilty and cannot ask for help, this is a sign that our Agni is weak and our aura is not functioning correctly. There is an energy beneath that needs attention, and integrating that energy is the answer to our problems.

To go past the guilt and to the root of the energy, we need to reboot the vagus nerve.

Kriyas for the nervous system become almost essential to gain strength and handle the extra pressure from society and our solar system’s activity.

When the sun’s energy becomes more integrated, we feel the beauty and depth of being alone and start to radiate from our core. We become a self-sustaining source of energy for ourselves and the world. Being and feeling alone (not lonely!) becomes PRESENCE!

This brings joy, contentment, profound nourishment, and trust in the future.



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