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September 2020 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

“What about social and conventional morality? If you let the ultimate reality take care of you, spontaneity is virtuous, beyond all social and conventional morality.”
Jean Klein, The Unfathomable Silence

Everything comes from the silence and everything goes back to silence
Impermanence and renewal potential of inevitable changes
Being into life and beyond life

Everything comes from the silence and everything goes back to silence. In this life, we might have been touched by this silence and tasted our deepest truth. We might have been blessed to receive and experience universal and timeless teachings, which help us to remember our essence and not be completely caught by distractions. These teachings are carried by limited beings drawn by their infinite side to dedicate their lives to carrying a few drops of water in order to quench the thirst of the ones who long for them. These few drops open new possibilities and allow us to keep going on our inner journey. May we ever be grateful for their efforts and the gift they bring us.

“All here is a mystery of contraries,

darkness a magic of self hidden light,

suffering some secret rapture’s tragic mask,

and death an instrument of perpetual life”

– Shri aurobindo, Savitri

September, number 9, is a number of completion, the turning of a page, a complete cycle, the master and the masterpiece. It evokes closure with the past and carries some expectations for the future. The year 2020 brings us tremendous tension and a fierce polarization, forcing us to look at the mirror and turn on the light in dark corners of our psyche. September is an opportunity to embrace the impermanence and the renewal potential of these inevitable changes. The principal factor of change is the cosmic action, the divine will. We cannot control it neither understand it. It is beyond our mind which is bounded by time and space, and by past memories. As humans, we will always be both actors and witnesses of all its actions. But once united, the actor and the witness are one and the same thing. The subtle body (9) is the dimension to attain this unity through duality. One condition is to accept that I do not understand and I will never understand. My questions will never be answered as expected. The silence from where the “non-answer” will emerge is contained in the tension of the question once we are able to embrace it without reacting, without falling into a side (+ or -). Patience is required as well as openness to the unexpected and a strong balance of the polarities.

“Time in its manifestation conceals unmanifest time which is eternity, the mirror on which the images of time move but which they cannot affect.” – David Frawley

There is a story that said that Siddharta had been meditating under a tree for a very long time. He was very thin, not eating and not drinking for so long. A woman passed by, saw him and was so touched that she gently put with her finger a drop of ghee on his lips. She made this ghee that same morning from her own cow milk. Siddharta, touched by the warm ghee on his lips and this gesture containing all the love of the creation, got enlightened at that moment! Ek Ong Kar, the Creator and the Creation are One!

We are attached to the form because it gives us a temporary security. The search for security automatically brings insecurities in our life since the polarities need each other. Once the body is totally relaxed, it both exists and does not exist at the same time! By emptying ourselves, expanding our consciousness, loosing up our fears, opening to life itself, life starts to flow through us. We realize that the creation and the form exist to point out the emptiness, the formless and the love underlying each moment like the touch of ghee for Siddharta. We received amazing teachings and practical tools to be in this attitude and grace: the Naad and the Shabd Guru. Guru Nanak shared the wisdom to expand to the totality while staying focus within our own Self, grounded into the sound that comes from the silence. Yogi Bhajan made these teachings accessible in order for us to face the challenges of the time with neutrality and subtlety. Being into life and beyond life at the same time, I embrace all sensations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts in my space, letting them flow in emptiness.

Merged into the frequency of the subtle body, our heart expands, we begin to glimpse the life in others and to experience compassion, and put ourselves in service to humanity.

“Silence is our natural state, it is the background of all things, there is no need for concentration to be there. As long as we are convinced that we live in time, we remain on the only horizontal plane, and silence is timeless. There is a point where temporal and timeless meet, where the horizontal and the vertical meet, this point is the heart.” – Jean Klein, The unfathomable silence


MEDITATION for Graceful Enlightenment and Strength of Heart taught in August 27, 1975 – 31 min

Increase your lungs capacity, open your capacity to embrace life fully. Strengthen your heart to contemplate the polarities without loosing your inner silence.

MEDITATION for Correcting the Sensory System NM414 taught in September 15, 2001 – 11 min.

Keep a sense of direction in a vast and open space where you are in touch with the paradox of life and where polarities send you contradictory information.


FULL MOON, September 2

MEDITATION on Ik ArdasGuru Ram Das Rakho Sarnaaee

Listen or chant the shabd for 31 to 62 min. This shabad brings a protected state of purity and grace. It is a prayer to become humble and to connect with the protective kindness of Guru Ram Das.

Complete Mantra:

Hum avagun bharay ayk gun naahe

amrit chhaad bikhay bikh khaaee

Maayaa moh bharam bhay bhoolay

sut daaraa sio preet lagaaee

Ik utam panth sunio gur sangat

teh milant jam traas mitaaee

Ik ardaas bhaat kee rat kee

Guru Raam Daas rakho sarnaaee

“I am without virtue, I have not even one virtue.

I turned away from nectar and ate poison.

Lost in doubt and temptation,

I slept, in love with the world and maya.

I have heard that the most exalted path of all is the Sadh Sangat.

Joining it, the fear of death is taken away.

This one prayer of Keerat, the poet,

is that Guru Ram Das ever surround me with His Divine protection.

Keep me sheltered from falsehood and maya in His sanctuary.”

Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib

Music: of your choice

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