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Dear Friends, dear Sangat, and teachers of Kundalini Yoga,

In answer to your questions…:

AAA’s position with respect to the allegations against Yogi Bhajan was stated some months ago and it did not change after the recent issue of the report of An Olive Branch.
As said in the past, we are committed to help any wounded individual and we believe that their pain should be seen and respected. Our pain depends on how we experience events and cannot be judge by objective criteria.
If you are one of those, you have our compassion and understanding. If right now you are shutting the door to KY, Yogi Bhajan, and the teachings, we understand you and respect your path. Do not ask us to come along.

We of AAA do not carry (nor intend to) the responsibility to condemn the actions of Yogi Bhajan. If this must be done because victims request it, it is a matter for competent authorities and legal procedures.
We are students, experiencing the teachings and as we often said, the door to that is open only if we accept that we do not “know”.
The bigger picture lays beyond our consciousness and pertains to the realm of the infinite which we cannot grasp in its totality. We have glasses through which we see only a facet of the reality at a time, and not even its consequences and all its expressions.

Judging the private life of masters and teachers make us shrink to the mental and ego-based level of our limited self. Holy or perverse are only two sides of the same coin and both are distractions. The Teacher and the Teachings are everywhere and in every situation we face, including and above all in challenging ones as this now. We are not going to choose “non-growth” by mentally selecting what we can accept.
In choosing these teachings we did not look for an idol to copy, a father, a mother… and we have always made this point very clear in our teacher trainings.

We will not be now among those who slander or tear up their turbans and Yogi Bhajan’s pictures. We simply never consider any of these as being pillars on which we base our trust and safety. The only pillars have always being our own consciousness and our commitment to it. This is intact today.

Our gratitude for these teachings and their impact on our lives are boundless.
This gratitude is to the GURU of course, but for sure also to Yogi Bhajan who brought the teachings down to a level understandable for us in this time of history.
Our exploration is not over. To the contrary, it might just have started now when we are discovering in more depth these invaluable Tantric Teachings.
Our gratitude grows as we keep exploring and deepening this tantric space that we feel is opening up.

AAA has no strategy to deal with this “crisis”, as we believe that there is nothing to save and deal with. We perceive right now a great chance and opportunity to position ourselves
in neutrality in the face of a paradox, individually and collectively, as students, teachers, and seekers.

All what we have are guidelines based on our commitment and we hope they might inspire and carry you as well:

– we position ourselves as being responsible for our actions today, and not as victims of Yogi Bhajan’s past actions and their consequences.
– we honor the Golden Chain with dignity and reverence.
– we commit not to speak from a survival mode but from the neutral mind.
– we do not intend to save the business as this is not a valid motivation for our spirit.
– we do not associate with any corporate communication that might break any of the above values.

Sat Sarbat, Satmukh, Fateh,
Dharamjot (China),
Siri Hari (Australia)


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