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Our GPS is out of date! Try something new!

Last month, we talked about the neutral mind (4) giving us the possibility to contemplate and contain the polarities without identifying to one or another and be both at the same time. For example, if we choose to be good, someone else will need to play the other polarity and be bad. We can be good and bad simultaneously without identifying with a polarity and without creating a personality from it. As yogi, we want to dance with the polarities and activate the diagonal energy, the result of this dance (or tension), which opens the unknown.

5, the physical body, is the experiencing arena of this dance, of this paradox. Only by being connected to our physical body (sensing), we can welcome what the mind cannot accept, that there is a field beyond the polarisation and beyond what we know. The mind is polarized and works by contrasting, comparing, and judging based on our past experiences and what we know. Without judgment, a sensation (pain or pleasure, for example) is just a sensation, nothing less, nothing more.

Since the beginning of the year, many have been experiencing a loss of (external) references or frame and structure. What we could rely on in the past is not working anymore! It is confronting because it questions all our mechanisms of control and strategies to feel safe.

If we hold on to our past habits, past identifications, and past ways of doing and being, it is like using a GPS system that indicates roads that do not exist anymore. It is confusing, and we might feel lost. It might even be scary since it opens an unknown space where our only compass is within.

Our GPS is out of date! Try something new!

In our tradition, our Guru is the Shabd, the original sound that originated from the Oneness and is beyond polarisation (unstroken sound). Shabd is our guidance system. A sound or a word that comes from the polarities is a reaction to what it is. We, therefore, talk to realise where we refuse life. But a sound or a word coming from holding and experiencing the dance of the polarities is the voice of our soul or the voice of the cosmos.

When we use the GPS, we write an address and get the itinerary. Based on this itinerary, we carefully plan our trip. This is very convenient but very limiting.

Today, we must embrace that there is no destination, even if it is spiritual! There is no fixed address from which we start the journey.

We will define the next step based on our experiences and sensings of the life within, the tango of the masculine and feminine polarities, and our inner reactions and tensions.

Of course, we can have an intention or even a goal, but we need the flexibility to accept detours, shortcuts, and pauses, … and the physical body, in constant change and adaptation, is a great teacher to learn that.

Everything in life has an electromagnetic field, which results from the field created by a + polarity and a – polarity). This field is like a cloud of waves with a specific frequency and sound. We will locate ourselves, choose the proper distance, and choose the right dance from the resonance with another field or other fields. It is not from a preconception of where we should go, a judgment, an automatic, unconscious reaction, or a habit. It is not from what we know.

Like children, curious, open, and very instinctive, we experience the resonance of life in our sensory system, ready to go 100% and let go 100%. Like children, we smile at life and move from one emotion to another. Like children, we are wild and embrace our desires. Like children, we do not have time to waste in the past or the future. Only the present moment is happening. Like children, we don’t have the energy to waste, so please others, convince, get approved, or get accepted… We concentrate all our energy on the experience of what is.

Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on, I’ll be mad”. – Rumi

  • What am I afraid of?
  • What does make me deeply happy?
  • What does awaken my inner energy?
  • What does ignite my profound desires?



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