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The power of prayer

June is related to the arc line (6th body).

When we add it (6) to the number of the year (8) we get a 5 (8+6=14=1+4=5).

This month’s theme is the values we nourish through our communication and choices.

The arc line sends our payers’ broadcast to the universal magnetic field, like planting seeds that Mother Nature will grow.

Whatever we choose, if we say yes from a place of enthusiasm, joy, and gratitude, we are opening ourselves to receive more of this specific quality of prana from the universe. We will automatically feel an expansion or a tingling in the arc line as we feel the upcoming growth of the tree within the sprout.

That doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. We might have some challenges along the way, but we will be able to handle them with grace. There is the play of the polarities, but we will feel supported. We will be responsible adults supported by our family tree and spiritual guides. This is a sense of embodied freedom.

If the « yes » comes from being forced, or some mental strategy, or self-sacrifice, we might feel pressure in our head and body. The arc line will feel heavy and cloudy.

We will multiply opposition, struggle, and contraction as this is our broadcast signal. This is the pressure to sprout the seed of our authentic selves. There is a more profound aspiration that is not yet acknowledged. Until we take time to feel and connect to it, the pressure will increase.

In the chakra system, it can manifest as the third chakra taking over the second one and blocking the energy from flowing into the heart. The negative and positive mind polarities might manifest as the second and third chakras struggling against each other. Water and fire trying to suppress one another.

When we say « no » to something, it is always an opportunity to say « yes » to something else. That is the mature way of embodying the negative mind. It is very important to give ourselves time to recognize that, otherwise we might regress into childhood memories and risk getting stuck there as we lose the support of the universal field to go past those memories.

This regression freezes the pranic body into a very limited spectrum of frequencies. We need good reasons to justify this regression and the low state we find ourselves in. We are identified with the pain body, and it feels bottomless as it is connected to the collective unconscious. To compensate, we need to find external stimulations (alcohol, drugs, sex, parties, extreme sports, …), we need people to validate our story, and we need to condemn situations, people, and past events.

If we don’t take responsibility for what happened, we end up drowning while trying hard to pretend everything is fine. Sometimes, we close ourselves so much that we start to forget everything. This is called compartmentation. By creating compartments for our past experiences, we close our interrelation with the universal field. This can go on for years sometimes and even lead sometimes to suicide in extreme situations. The nervous system shuts down until it feels secure enough to allow us to remember again.

The arc line is the awareness of the quality of the seed we are planting. The more paradox we can handle, the more the arc line expands, and the more our interconnection with the universal field is broad and deep.

Every time we communicate, there is an opportunity for expansion if we recognize what we are saying yes to and take ownership of it. This is why the arc line is our guidance system and our protection system. When it is active, we are always connected to the nucleus of our experience and not to the fancy decorations or social masks.

When it is time for us to quit an environment or a relationship, we can always do it with dignity and grace for ourselves and the people around us who were part of the game.

This grace comes from the energy of what we are saying « yes » to. The new seed is already sprouting. We don’t need to diminish the people we were part of; we nourish them with the energy of the new sprout.

There is a sense of continuity. The new seed exists, thanks to the old one, and the cycle of life goes on. The prana keeps flowing, and only shapes and forms change.

The essence is fragrant and untouched. This is a shiny arc line.

Every situation is an elevation of the spirit: Cherdi Kala.


Advanced Abdominal & Navel Strengthening Kriya

Balance the 2nd and 3rd chakras, water and fire can dance together. Being able to welcome old memories and emotions. Balance of the polarities of the mind.

Aad Naad Kriya

Sensitivity of the arc line: awareness of the quality of the seed we are planting through our communication.

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