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March, number 3, is connected to the positive mind and the capacity to experience the polarities: divine or devil. This year’s number 8, Pranic body, (3+8=11) accentuates this polarization and our tendencies to judge, identify, and attach to our beliefs.

These polarities are within us. Spirituality is not there to fix that but rather to take responsibility for our profound polarised nature.

When we start a spiritual path, our inner motivation is to nourish our divine part, the light. This is what we project on the teachings, on the teacher(s), and the community. We see, hear, and experience only what fits this projection because this is the only place we feel safe.

Our projection is necessarily based on our past, therefore what we nourish through our practice and these new relationships is our past (identifications and attachments). This past increases in intensity until this tendency becomes visible to us (the more I nourish the light, the more the darkness is revealed!).

The role of the teacher is to hold the mirror to give us a chance to realize our trance and return to the present moment, embracing those polarities without judgment.

What we see in that mirror is our devil part, the part of ourselves that we hide at all costs (our lies, our corruption, self-justifications, incapacity to take the responsibility of our lives, regrets, fears, anger, shame, pride, …). We realise the distance between me and Me, and even how we have been using spirituality to justify our limitations and our resistances to change and grow in consciousness. This is a painful but blessed moment as we finally can see ourselves!

The question is, do we have the psychic fire to digest this information?

Suppose our nervous system is not solid and stable enough to take this information in, which means digesting it and still feeling safe in this new definition of who we are. In that case, we will need to project our resistance outside of ourselves. This is when the teacher becomes the devil, the “bad guy,” and we judge and might even slander her/him to justify our stories again and not face the “devil” within. It is safer to keep the darkness outside!

This is the reality of all our intimate relationships. Intimate relationships allow us to discover part of ourselves. The moment we judge others, we miss an opportunity to meet ourselves. The more significant the part of ourselves that we refuse to include, the bigger the story and the lies we must tell ourselves.

Even more during a separation, we are not ready to hear our partner or face the truth. We feel under attack because we cannot digest the impact of what is happening; it is just too much! It is a matter of life or death for our nervous system.

We see that in divorces sometimes. The person you spent 20 years with, to whom you committed and made promises, with whom you had children, shared so much of your time and prana, with whom you experienced joy and sorrow, becomes suddenly the enemy! Even tableware and kitchenware have become a reason to fight! It means that during all this time spent together, we have never been in a genuine relationship with that partner or obviously with ourselves. We never saw our partner. We just saw what we wanted to see to fit our attachments and identifications to stay safe.

Money is often a sensitive topic during a divorce. We use money (because it is prana) to compensate for how much we unconsciously betrayed ourselves in that relationship to stay safe. The gap we fill with an ugly breakup is the distance between me & Me, reflected in what we projected on our partner in order not to look inside.

We might be on the receiving end of our partner’s projections. For example, our partner cannot use a “I” language, constantly bringing the blame or responsibility on us, we need as well to dive deeper to discover why we are hooked in an intimate environment which is not respectful or uplifting. There is no wrong relationship; they are all there for a very personal reason, even if unconscious. It might be connected to old memories (ancestors, “previous” lives, …). However, it still belongs to us, and the outcome depends on our capacity to digest the impact and the subtle energies connected to it. When the hook is released, we see clearly where the relationship does not resonate and has never resonated; we can now step out without drama.

A significant difference is that when we lose our reverence for our teacher, for the teachings that we connected to in our heart, beyond any rationality, we lose the reverence for our deepest self. From there, nothing is left to hold the mirror that might give us a chance to remember our true nature. We are lost in a large ocean, victims again of our subconscious fears, going more into self-justification and control to avoid the deep pain of being lost alone. Our souls will dry out!

It is time to take responsibility for our lives and for our reactions.

We attract what we need to remember our wholeness.

If we react, it is about us. There is no enemy outside. Everything is within.

An “enemy” is an opportunity to expand if we can take and digest the impact.

It is not about being a victim but rather the opposite. We need to be victims when we need perpetrators to justify a story because we cannot deal with reality.

The solution would be to recognize that there is no story to justify. We contain the polarities within, the Divine and the Devil, and experience them physically; we sense them!

This is how we digest; we sense!

From the tension within, we open the door of the unknown, of life, of what is beyond our control.


Kriya “Working the Total Self

You can continue the last meditation of the kriya for 11 min. It increases our safety and our capacity to open to others and what is unknown.

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