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This month, number 2, is about fusion/separation. When we add the number of the month (2) and the number of the year (8), we get 10, which is all or nothing, which increases the polarity and triggers our most basic archaic need: the need to belong.

Fusion or separation? We must choose between leaning on someone/something or being independent and self-sufficient. But this is an impossible choice.

We might realize we have deep unconscious attachments to people, places, or past events.

These entanglements manifest the parts of us that try to find our sense of security in relationships. Until recently in human history, what brought us security and belonging was the “tribe,” the local community we depend on to survive, to build our house, to maintain our field, to occasionally take care of our children, to find support in case of emergency, to celebrate, …. Belonging to a group was the safest way to meet our essential needs: food, water, shelter, love, care, etc.…

Today in our modern world, we have the illusion that we are independent because we can go online and buy anything anytime. We even have our virtual “tribes” depending on our interests, hobbies, opinions, …. Even for our work, we stay home in front of our screens! In reality, virtual connections do not guarantee survival and make our “physical” lives very precarious, cultivating our isolation. To ignore these underlying consequences, we spend more and more time on electronic devices that numb our sensitivity.

Facing this isolation, our physical relationships are mainly with our intimate family (partner and children).  In this new context, we might have an unconscious expectation that an exclusive partner based on a romantic and sexual drive will give us this security. It leads to massive pressure for both partners. It is a source of a lot of stress and blockages in the relationship that might even lead to separation/divorce.

We have mixed security and romance/sexuality in such a way that it becomes almost impossible to communicate and resolve issues with our partners because it threatens our deep sense of security. It has become somehow a matter of life and death when it is only about a couple dynamic. Deep fears that we are not even aware of block our sexual energy, creativity, and expansion.

Our partner will never be enough for us, no matter how hard he or she tries to meet our needs. It is impossible for one human being! By giving up this expectation, we also let go of our victim tendency and its justifications!

If our security is based on a “tribe,” our intimate relationship is freed from many unconscious expectations. Our sexuality can become a fantastic tool to expand our awareness and experience our creative bonding with another human being.

Guru Nanak referred to the Sanghat as the only way to go through the “dark age” we are experiencing. It means that only the “tribe” can give us a true sense of security. At the end of his life, the community around Guru Nanak was a farming community, relying on each other to live a stable material life and meeting 5 times a day (5 prayers) to chant the name to nourish their spirits and remember their essence.

In Europe, in a village or even in cities, there would always be a church, visible from far away, ringing bells to remind the individuals of their spiritual self, of their existence beyond the “tribes.”

Since COVID, we have become even more physically and psychically isolated. We have been replacing the community/tribe WE ABSOLUTELY NEED with virtual circles and online shopping. We have been replacing multiple relationships with an exclusive, intimate & romantic relationship that we cling to and expect far too much from. Collectively, deep insecurities are surfacing, generating a sense of powerlessness.

We will never be entirely free. We will always depend on someone or something on this earthly planet. Yet, we are made of spirit, so we will never be entirely caught either.

By facing and embracing our insecurity within and the loneliness that comes with it, we can finally take responsibility for it. We will then meet people in the same process with whom we can start to build a community based on authentic values and a natural source of joy. Awareness is the first step toward building our way to a society where the community is a trustworthy and stable container for our growth.




Develop a deeper communication with ourselves. Increase our capacity to stay within even if it is not comfortable!


Part 1:

Ten-Stroke Breath to Experience the World Beyond

“It creates a different state of consciousness to carry you through this confined, limited situation to a very unconfined situation. In this way you may know that beyond your world there is another world, and you may start searching for that world.” – Yogi Bhajan

Part 2:

The Triple Mantra for Protection

The triple mantra puts you into the mode of acceptance and surrender to Universal Truth and wisdom. It surrounds you with a powerful light of protection. Your aura protects you by becoming light and clear.

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