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Where do we find our inner strength to go through the challenges ahead of us?

Our inner strength lies hidden in our unresolved conflicts.

When we don’t find the courage to face what is coming at us, it is because our energy is already used subconsciously for our inner conflicts, therefore it is not available to us on a conscious level.

We end up being depressed, unable to keep up and fight because we are already exhausted by the energy invested in our inner struggles.

The outer adversity is an opportunity to be in contact with these parts of us that are fighting against each other within. They fight because that is the only way they know how to relate. That is the way we learnt to experience polarity. The more we hide these inner conflicts, the more the fight becomes bloody.

This month is an opportunity to regain access to these fighters’ figures within us.

Be aware whenever you find an enemy outside!

This enemy is the outer projection of your inner unresolved conflict.

This situation is not a problem, but it is the solution.

Take a breath!

….and find the fiery part of you that is ready to fight and don’t push it away, don’t use it to fight your outer enemy either.

Welcome 100% your power, your strength, your anger, your violence, your rage, your animosity, your resentment. Embrace the angles, the sharpness, the razor edge qualities, the burning fire, the inner screams. Let it be until it empties itself and show you what Is behind.

Most of the time we tend to get violent when we feel powerless.

This is where we don’t want to be. A place where we cannot control, where we have no strategies to escape or where we don’t find any solutions.

Adi Shakti, the primal power of the universe can only inhabit our beings and flow through us when we recognize our powerlessness.

Don’t be afraid of the destructive fire this month. It will dissolve the angles in your aura that the mind created to make you feel safe. These angles have developed into your golden cage.

Dissolution is a necessity to be reborn to a new sense of expansion.

Good news !

Only the illusions can be destroyed if you let the heat of those flames transform you.

Truth will remain.

A truth that doesn’t need You to defend itself as it is self-sustaining here and hereafter.


Kriya: Instinctual Self

Embrace your inner fire!

Meditation: Inner Conflict Resolver Reflex

Redirect the prana from an automatic survival reaction (the enemy is outside, and I must protect myself, attack, …) to a contemplative contained field where the inner heat dissolves the automatic behaviour (connected to past wounds and anchored in my nervous system).

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