February 2023 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

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February 2023 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

This year 7 (2+0+2+3) is an opportunity better to understand the dynamic and construct of our Aura.

The Aura (7th body of the 10 bodies) is the field around us, like a window through which we perceive life.

When our intentions are clear, the aura filters the universal magnetic field of information, and targets and processes only what serves that intention. It makes us efficient, sharp, and focused.

The problem is that this window is also subconsciously coloured according to our experiences, generating recurrent patterns of thoughts. The more we have the same thoughts, the more our aura takes the shape of those thoughts and crystallizes this shape.

As a result, what we perceive outside will automatically confirm the validity of our thoughts because it is the only reality we allow ourselves to experience (the one that seems safe according to our past conflicts, traumas, wounds, …).

Very often, these thoughts are the outcome of unresolved conflicts. They came as an attempt to solve deeper problems that could not be faced and addressed. These thoughts create a reassuring layer and shield us from inner tension.

For example, if I felt abandoned as a child, it created pain and insecurity. I might have developed the reassuring thoughts: “I don’t need anybody; I am independent!”. My Aura will appear firm and reject the possibility of being deeply emotionally involved and vulnerable. My Aura is doing its protective job by serving my subconscious agenda: “I don’t want to be hurt again.”

If I want to experience an intimate relationship, I will need, at some point, to break the trance created by my magnetic field! This is what we sometimes call ‘breaking the mask.’

From January to March, we have a chance to better understand the construct of our protective shield (protective self), how we built this mask, and why we did it.

To break this trance, we must have the courage to re-experience the discontinuity we faced when we tried to find a solution for the pain we could not accept and found overwhelming. It is challenging, but the good news is that this discontinuity exists only in our minds!

This process is very rewarding because the prana we invested in nourishing the mask to cover the part of us that is afraid to be hurt again, will then be available to nourish our deepest intentions.

This is what we call dignity and self-reverence.

The Aura can then become the affirmation of our own divinity. Unique and universal at the same time.


Kriya: Self-observation is the highest integrity

Meditation: Repeat and chant the 7th Pauri.

Click here to listen to the musical version

Gurmukhi, transliteration:

Jay jug chaaray aarjaa hor dasoonnee ho-ei.

Navaa khanddaa vich jaannee-ai naal chalai sabh ko-ei.

Changaa naa-o rakhaa-ei kai jas keerat jag layeh.

Jay tis nadar na aava-ee ta vaat na poochh-ai kay.

Keettaa andar keett kar dosee dos dharay.

Naanak nirgunn gunn karay gunnvanti-aa gunn day.

Tayhaa ko-ei na sujha-ee ji tis gunn ko-ei karay. II 7 II

English translation:

Even if you could live throughout the four ages, or even ten times more.

And even if you were known throughout the nine continents and followed by all.

With a good name and reputation, with praise and fame throughout the world.

Still, if the True One does not bless you with the glance of Grace, then who cares?

What is the use?

Among worms, you would be considered a lowly worm, and even contemptible sinners would hold you in contempt.

O Nanak, God blesses the unworthy with virtue, and bestows virtue on the virtuous.

No one can even imagine anyone who can bestow virtue upon the True One.

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