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This month, the numbers 6, 7, and 8 dance together.

July relates to the 7th body, the Aura (electromagnetic field).

Adding 7 of July to the number 8 of the full year (2024), we obtain 15=1+5=6 (Arc Line), which is also the last two digits of the year (2+4=6).

This trio, 6,7 and 8, connects to different topics.


We say that 7 never lies. Our aura (its frequency, energy patterns, colors, shape) reflects who we are at each moment.

All that is not digested (entanglement with the past) is “stored” in our aura and will affect the flow of prana within our electromagnetic field.

Our undigested past (wounds, trauma, unsolved conflicts, regrets, resentment, …) creates distortions (we perceive life according to a certain angle) and dead angles.

This leads to the judgments we place on ourselves, others, and our environment to maintain a certain level of comfort.

We cannot perceive dead angles because they would compromise our safety. Our aura alters our perception of reality; it is like a filter, and the mind justifies what we see and perceive to keep an illusionary reality in which we feel safe.

The 7 never lies because someone who sees your aura sees all these distortions, dead angles, and even our strategies to avoid being seen and discovered (with those limitations).

But our aura constantly lies about reality, filtering it to fit our beliefs, opinions, tastes, habits, and concepts, … and so it guarantees our safety.

We judge to stay safe and to keep a distance from part of us or other persons.

Judging is an automatic defense mechanism that pushes away what is too challenging or too triggering for us.

For example, judging myself for not being good enough blocks all memories and undigested emotions related to this part (for example, the pain I experienced each time my father said to me that I was worth nothing). Judging my friend because he/she is full of, let’s say, pride blocks what pride triggers within me or how pride is alive within me.

We judge to protect ourselves because the information contained in the part we judge would compromise our nervous system and our illusionary safe world.

All we say from a place of judgment is to justify the distance we need between our Aura and the other person’s aura. Others will perceive it and have difficulty listening to those “justifications.” They feel manipulated, get distracted, and stop to listen, not to be part of our game.

We just need to recognise our need for a certain distance, the fears underneath, to experience the sensations and feelings related to this distance, to unplug the possible destructive power of judgment.


The seventh day of creation was a time to rest and reflect on what had been created the previous six days. Sunday became a holy day, a sacred day dedicated to our spirit! It is a traditional day to go to the church or to the temple to hear the wisdom of the saints and chant their poetry. Sunday is holy because it is the day to remember our essence.

It is also a day spent with family and the people we love, eating and playing together to nourish those relationships.

In Summer, our Agni goes toward the periphery as an invitation to be engaged and involved in outside life and activities, meeting people and socializing, traveling, and doing new things….

But part of the energy of this month (July – 7) is a necessary pause to reflect and integrate where we are at. This late summer with its cloudy and rainy weather invites us as well to take a time to digest.

We grow, expand, and create when we enter life and the game of the polarities. When polarities meet, even life is made, and babies are born!

When we have the call and impulse to follow an idea, we usually cannot anticipate all the consequences. We jump into this thought, this idea that resonates, and invest our prana to make it fructify. We take the responsibility and gradually build a structure that supports its growth.

It requires actions to manifest our thoughts at the material level.

We put so much prana into a business, a project, a house, a yoga or community center, a child, … that we might start to forget, and even Sundays are dedicated to doing.

Here are some important questions to ask once we are in that creative process to maintain the balance of the polarities, the balance of the sun and the moon. The sun (Agni) makes me transform, assimilate, project, and manifest, and the moon (Soma) is connected to self-reflection and nourishment.

  • Am I still connected to my original intention? Or was my original impulse stolen by some subconscious fears and I repeat old habits and patterns in that new context?
  • Am I attached to the results? Am I enjoying the process? Do my mood and satisfaction depend primarily on the result and my achievements?
  • Am I identifying with this project, posting pictures on social media, and waiting for the “I like” with anxiety? Do I feel that I am nothing without it?
  • Is it difficult for me to stop (always something to do)? Is it difficult to be in the emptiness and void without my mind wandering around thinking about what should be done?
  • Am I under pressure and stress because my financial investment put me at risk or just because it triggered some fears?
  • Am I developing and nourishing connections through that project or I feel more and more isolated?


8 is the prana, our force, our strength, our power.

7 is how I use this power.

Guru Har Rai, the 7th Guru of the Sikh dharma, could perceive the vegetal kingdom’s power and use it for healing purposes. He understood the medicinal power of the plants and cultivated many of them. One day, the grandson of the Muslim Emperor got very sick. The same Muslim Emperor who tortured for five days and nights the 5th Guru, Guru Arjan. Only Guru Har Rai could heal this child because he had the specific plants for that and knew how to use them. The Sikh community was against the intervention of the Guru to heal that child because he was the child of the enemy.

For Guru Har Rai, he was a child. The past did not affect his perception of reality: a child needs help, and I am in power to give this help.

This is possible when our Aura is “transparent,” which means that we do not alter the perception of “what is” because of past “negative” or “positive” events.

We can also recognize our responsibility and learn how to use our power (which is never ours!). We are born with a very specific combination of the 5 elements that gives us strength and weaknesses. Our strength gives us the power to act in particular ways, like Guru Har Rai, an herbal medicinal healer. Not helping the child would have been an abuse of power, abusing the power of the plants for his personal revenge, an (non) action altered by my resentment, anger, and need to punish.

Abusing power happens not only through actions and hurting others but also all the time when we were supposed to take responsibility for who we are, act, and share our gifts, and we did not do it!

A balanced Aura allows us to use our power at the right time and in the right space without personal filters and agendas! It is the moment we serve beyond good and evil.


Kriya to Balance the Aura

Meditation LA052-780912 – To build a powerful protective aura

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