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In period of darkness, be the light!

Period of darkness, yes!
From May 26 with lunar eclipse until June 10 with the solar eclipse (new moon), we might experience intensity in our lives. It is confronting to be in touch with the dark and with our deepest subconscious layers: insecurities, fears, and anger.
Our references are changing and it makes our ego shaky. Our true nature, consciousness, cannot fit into our old form/persona/ego-mind. The form must change, new energies are there to be manifested! We can go with it and confront ourselves with the fear of the unknow or we can freak out, try to stop it, and hold on old beliefs and structures.
Any crisis offers an opportunity and is a danger at the same time.

It is an opportunity to develop our self-authority, to rely on who we are, to trust our feelings, find the answer within and take responsibility. How we take it and what we do depends very much on our arc-line. The arc-line (6th body) is the magnetic body represented like a halo around the head of the saints. It protects us against negative or destructive impressions that come from outside. This protective field defines our territory and defends it! It is like our immune system at the physiological level. When our arc-line is weak, we might be very much influenced by the opinion of others, their judgments, we even start to depend on them to define our territory and our safety. The moment we let that happens, we become a victim! We let others being the authority for us.

Self-authority is not an authority built by being against something or someone. If we are uncapable to obey, we cannot command. We will always be in reaction to authority and construct an ego based on being against, being a rebel, trying to convince everybody else that we are right, because we cannot find or accept our self-authority!
In front of self-authority, the ego is powerless. We are neither for nor against, there is no friction/conflict that nourishes an ego-mind character. Self-authority gives us the capacity to obey 100% to our truth and own it with humility.

Our arc-line is also the access to our intuition, like antennas bringing subtle thoughts accessible to our mind. The frequency of the 6th body gives us the perception that life is 100% about me (I experience it through me), and at the same time this “me” is to serve life 100%! Trusting our intuition is the building block of our self-authority. It is like lighting on a candle in the dark. It guides us but it also creates a guiding light for others! It has never been so urgent to light our own candle!

The moment we follow our inner light and our heart, our darkness is amplified! All our personal subconscious fears come up: fear to make a mistake, fear to go against the standard way, against what is rational, fear to deceive others, fear to fail, fear to go for our dream, …. It will attract as well collective subconscious resistances and, reactions since it mirrors the collective self-betrayal we are living in, oppressing the spontaneity and innocence versus control and cleverness. Contemplating these reactions is the fuel needed to keep our light on until it becomes “saibhang” – self-illuminated!

Being afraid of the dark, we react, and we follow blindly the loudest! In a period of total confusion around the COVID (its origin, its real impact, the appropriate medicines and measures, …) many of us follow the loudest voice, the vaccine! We might see a temporary and superficial light fed by continuous hopeful messages on screens. We have become beggars of temporary solutions in order not to face our fears to be sick, our fears to die!

Numerologically, June (6) resonates very much with the arc-line mentioned above. 6 + 5 (2+0+2+1) = 11. 11 is the highest integrity and the obedience to the highest form of consciousness. The most elaborated form of consciousness manifested is our physical body. Our body is in constant change to adapt to the universal consciousness manifested in this limited vehicle. Our body is constantly talking to us, teaching us, guiding us. Being sick is part of the experience, dying is part of the experience, there is nothing wrong with it!

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