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October 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

Integrate the father energy / Saturn
An impactful life

Since mid-September and until mid-November, we have been very much influenced by Saturn and Jupiter which again meet in Capricorn (Vedic Astrology) and are the big planets that move slow. This conjunction is rare and impacts us directly in our lives. Saturn is in a strong position, since it rules Capricorn, and Jupiter is somehow squeezed in that sign with the presence of Saturn. In November, Jupiter will enter Aquarius. If we don’t integrate the energy of Saturn in the next month and half, we risk expanding an Aquarian illusion that hides our incapacity to take full responsibility of our lives and to be confronted by limits.

Saturn is the authority, the father figure, the constriction, the contraction, and it gives us patience, perseverance, and discipline. It is the opposite of Jupiter which is about expansion, prosperity, abondance, generosity, and the capacity to perceive the divine in all creation.

Facing this strong influence of Saturn is an opportunity to integrate its energy. The father energy is a necessary penetrative force that breaks the fusion between the child and the mother. It gives space for the mother to come back to herself as a woman and allows the child to go beyond the mother’s influence to discover the world without feeling overprotected.

This penetrative force is destructive, a destruction which is necessary to allow the next step of growth. It is accepted and welcomed by the mother if the father takes the responsibility of his impact and if he is there to support the child’s journey. This happens to be rare since many of us have experienced absent fathers still caught in the womb of their own mother ☺.

In our society, this penetrative force is very often associated to abuse. There are lot of fears around it due to past traumatic memories. This force breaks the form that limits the new expansion. This force is destructive but so necessary to challenge our habits, to question our comfort zone, to break the trance, and to bring us back within!

Saturn shows us where we block life by intensifying the pressure that we create by blocking this flow. We refuse life because we are afraid to change; we want to stay in the womb. To justify that we block life, we manipulate reality to make it look as necessary. It is like a trance that cannot only be stopped by a shock. There are lots of frustrations hidden behind! They indicate where we could not stand for our truth and compromised to fit it and get approved (or disapproved because we wish to rebel; simply the other face of the coin).

By refusing this masculine energy, we refuse our potential as well!

We are still looking for the hug of our father that reassures us that we can be loved the way we are (validation and approval) but we reject the penetrative force from this same father that says stop to an illusion full of lies.

We are afraid of our own power, afraid of our own impact on life. We rely on an outside authority to avoid the full responsibility of our choices and actions and to be able to continue to complain and criticize.

Saturn guarantees us to stay alert and connected to our own experience through our physical body. It helps us to direct Jupiter within, to expand our inner world. The Aquarian Age started in the 70s with a huge expansion reflected in the music, the explosion of yoga, and spirituality. Yogi Bhajan came to the West at that time, showing a strong father figure and embodying a strong Saturn aspect. He gave impossible tasks to his students for them to find resources out of the “womb” and to learn to contain the pressure and not react to it unconsciously.

Impossible tasks or challenging kriyas are a possibility to learn to expand and contract at the same time (Pratyahar) without choosing one side but embracing the paradox that it is happening at the same time. Our truth is revealed staying on that fine line where the polarities communicate with each other. Deep relaxation happens when we hold these polarities without reacting (no identification with one side or another).

If we don’t do the job, we are still looking for the father’s approval and we still rely on this figure to move through life. We react to authority because we hate to admit it. Many students projected the father on Yogi Bhajan. This is a temporary process that provides the chance to reintegrate this fire within and let go the projection and dependency on the master. Without that integration, there is no real growth. Our attention is focused outside to please and be loved the way we are. We might have no clue about what we deeply desire in life.

Without the pressure of Saturn constantly bringing us back to our centre, we might use Jupiter to escape what is within and this will not last! Ek Ong Kar, everything is One (Ek), the manifested, the form (Kar), is the reflection of my inner reality (Ong). What is within me is what I see outside. I am fully responsible of what I do with life.

October is a new beginning! 10 is like (1) amplified by a lens (0).

Connected to the energy of Guru Gobind Singh (10th Guru), the father of the Sikh Dharma, it illustrates the capacity to stand for ourselves (1) and to surrender (0). Standing for ourselves is not about being against, surrendering is not about being a victim!

These polarities invite us to accept that we will know when we need to know. The choice of which attitude to take comes from a unique inner resonance that will guide us, an intuition that is true for one moment, but not for the next. It is not about control, and it is not based on the past.

The radiant body (10) reflects the courage we put into life, how much we embrace the unknown without controlling life with our mind (beliefs, opinions, judgments, …), how much we embrace the change by getting rid of what is not necessary anymore.

It is as well the courage to embrace our own power and to dare to use it and make mistakes!

It is how much we let our soul shine and in October we need Saturn for that ☺.


KRIYA Pratyahar-Pranayam Sank Chalnee Kriya

Increase your vitality and your pranic flow, gives endurance, self-containment, and self-control.

MEDITATION to invoke the internal power

When contraction and expansion is happening at the same time, when pain and pleasure mix, and my mind stays quiet, I experience the depth of life, I rejoice surfing the wave of the paradox !

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