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October 2020 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

“Our creativity will be our sensory system. And through this sensory system we will be overflowing with energy, touching the hearts of people, feeling their feeling, and filling their emptiness. We will act great and our flow will fulfill the gratefulness in the hearts of others. It will be a new relationship. We will create a new humanity which will have the new sensory system, and thus we will establish the Age of Aquarius. This is the fundamental character you have to learn by heart.”Yogi Bhajan

“With your tongue, chant the Guru’s name”
Interconnection and constant change
Sensory human and new humanity

October this year gives us a taste of what might be the energies at play in 2021, it is like a short preview. 10 (October) + 4 (number of the year: 2+0+2+0) = 14 = 5. Next year 2021(2+0+2+1=5) is 5 as well. The 1 of the 10 contains the information within the seed, gathered during the year, that will sprout next spring but will already start to vibrate in January 2021. The 2 full moons this month, starting and closing the month (1st and 31st), emphasize the radiance and light of the 10, bringing clarity to what will be at play individually and collectively in October – we cannot hide neither escape the lesson!

The fifth dimension is about communication and interrelations. Like the physical body (5), especially the nervous system, being the bridge between the different dimensions of our being, invisible and visible. 5 relates as well to the 5th chakra, the words being the manifestation and the expression in the outside word of our inner constellation: communication and interrelations between our 10 Spiritual Bodies.

During this time of perpetual changes and uncertainties, we can easily be caught in discussions and debates, taking one side or another, being for or against, in order to hold on beliefs that give a temporary illusion of stability and control. Without an alert awareness over our 5 senses that constantly feed us with contradictory informations and unsettle us, we hold on stronger opinions and beliefs. We unconsciously nourish polarization and duality by thinking linearly, leading us to projections and labels that cut us from a deeper and underneath truth.

“with your tongue, chant the Guru’s name” … “let your eyes behold the true Guru” … “let your ears hear the Guru’s name” … “in the middle of the world, they are rare indeed [the one attuned to the true guru]” … – Guru Arjan

Yogi Bhajan introduced in his teachings the sensory system which allows us to live intuitively by integrating huge amount of information in a systematic way without losing the connection to the perpetual silence underlying the here and now. Anchoring ourselves into the self-sensory awareness, we are essentially giving the authority of the mind over to the Soul. “Emotions are the sensory system of the soul” (Yogi Bhajan – Aquarian Times, Spring 2003). Without a balanced and strong nervous system, emotions become commotions, overwhelming us and running our lives through subconscious reactions from childhood wounds. On the contrary, contemplated and integrated emotions can guide us to make the right life choices, like vibrational keys that open the doors of unexplored part of life, hiding creative potentials and prosperity.

Our educational system and our parents, “impregnated” by the Piscean Era, told us not to trust our feelings or emotions and to rely on a rational and logical mind. In order to operate in the Aquarian Age, we must drop these old linear beliefs and trust the intensity of life manifested through a systematic resonance of feelings and emotions. It impacts our communication, which does not aim at convincing, making a point, being right, being recognized for our thoughts and clever words… but rather simply sharing what is alive within us without any goal nor any expectations, even to be understood by others! Meeting someone becomes an opportunity to discover a part of ourselves by listening carefully what the universe is whispering us through that particular mouth. The moment we need validation, attention, reassurance, we will twist our communication in order to get it and lose the trust of the other person.

“in the Saadh Sangat, the company of the Holy, we are carried across the terrifying world-ocean” – Guru Arjan

This shift is essential in order to find the guidance within. It is not an easy job! As the Siri Guru Granth Sahib often repeats: “Rare are the ones” […] courageous and determined enough to take their lives in their hands, looking for the truth, with no attempt to bypass this by getting attached to a savior figure (like some of us might have done in our community by projecting  the Saint that will save us on Yogi Bhajan!). Spirituality and wisdom do not interfere to judge and filter our emotions as “spiritually correct or not”! No belief to attach to, but instead a unique experience, uncontrollable, changing from moment to moment. Are we ready to do the work to awaken ourselves to our sensory system, keep our alertness and establish a new humanity?

By relying on our sensory system, we move from a perception of separated units/individuals to embrace a system in which everything is connected and interrelated like in a constellation. We can only recognize this new dimension outside of us if we recognize it within ourselves. Observing our 10 Spiritual Bodies as different parts of ourselves, each with their own language, their own taste and texture, their own shape and their own frequency, accepting both their contradictions and their complementarity, constantly communicating to each other, we expand our sense of self and redefine our identity without fixing it in time and space. We can adapt and adjust, without losing our anchorage, which is our presence.

Our grounding is not polarized and connected to the earth in opposition to the sky. Being grounded rather means feeling with all our trillions cells, perceiving our totality with its emptiness, and being ok with this paradox of constant changeable and unchangeable self.

Life becomes richer and deeper. We include more subtle information and need less stimulations from the outside. We become more independent and feel deeply connected to other human beings and nature. By opening our heart, we feel the pain and joy of others and all beings (stones, plants, animals, …), we perceive directly the consequences of our behaviors and actions and have an immediate inner compass (through our feelings) to adjust them – this is the way to the Dharma! We automatically develop our sensitivity, gentleness, compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness, caring and loving others in order to create a more harmonious place to live. We might start to have a glimpse of what the Guru means with Saadh Sangat!


KRIYA to Make the skin radiant taught in February 26, 1986 – about one hour

Releases the fire that has been cooled like past anger and frustration. Awaken the energy the sexual centers, stimulating our wish to explore and experience life without filter.

MEDITATION to Connect to our Sensory System taught in August 21, 2000 – 11 min.

Stimulates our sensitivity and capacity to sense interconnections within a vast system which is beyond time and space.

MEDITATION to Activate the central nervous system and stimulate the pituitary gland – 30 min

Control over your senses, develop your intuition and your possibility to deal with many informations in a systematic way. Step into the sensory human being, feel others and the totality.

FULL MOON, October 1 and October 31

MEDITATION on October 1: Kriya to Know through Intuition + chant 31 min the Mul Mantra.

MEDITATION on October 31: Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age + chant 31 min Ardas Bhaee.

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