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May 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

Intuitive Guidance  · May 5

This year invites us into an exploration of the dynamic of change reflected in the number 5 (2+0+2+1). This month of May is like an amplifier of this theme as it is the 5th month of the year.

What is change from a yogic perspective?

It is when the frame of my tolerance set up by the negative mind and engrained in the pattern of my nervous system comes to a point of pressure that seems unbearable.

It feels this way because the prana invested in this frame is not enough to sustain the pressure that comes from the magnetic bodies which are the interface of our soul.

This is what we call crisis. It is actually an opportunity; this heavenly pressure is what we need to push and elevate the mind into a different frequency. In this elevation we find a different quality of prana that will sustain a new enlarged pattern.

Integration of change happens in our nervous system as a sensation of being more open, more tolerant. It also means that the positive mind has a field of actions and possibilities that is increased. The experience of life is updated.

This month, we might feel particularly the pressure as a conflict between the old and the new, expressed by the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn being the old patriarchal system based on structure and beliefs and Uranus the intuitive and synthetic mind based on sensitivity and experience.

An important challenge within this dynamic of change is that we often attach some hopes for a better tomorrow. We carry expectations based on our preconceptions of what would be a good life for us. We also carry an unconscious hope that change in the matter will solve our existential problem, our inner friction between our limited form/body and our infinite essence.

If we don’t contemplate this polarity and react unconsciously to this tension, we feel that we are never enough! How can I match the infinite within this limited identity?! We felt that very strongly as a newborn, still very connected to the infinite source, very much innocent, very much linked to unconditioned love, while at the same time feeling that the love from our mother was limited and conditioned by her own limitations as earthily love can only be. Which efforts can I make in order to receive her full attention, her unconditioned love, and thus avoid the separation?

Going for a change, we might hope on a salvation from this unsolvable inner tension.

Most of the times, this hope will be unconscious. When the change happens, we might fall into a self-deception and a “void”, a depression as we feel that the change did not make us happier than before. We are still the same, just in new clothes!

If we don’t observe these tendencies, our decisions to change will be automatically biased and we will always be deceived.

Change does not change who we are. It is an opportunity to look at life and ourselves from a different angle, an opportunity to discover new parts of ourselves. There is no success and failure in the results. We might lose money, we might lose friends, we might face even more challenges, we might experience bliss and exaltation, … it does not matter. What matter is to listen and be faithful to the inner motion that push us to unfold a facet of the divine through our actions.

The fifth word of the Mul Mantra, Kartapurkh, illustrates this dynamic.

Kartapurkh means the creation and the creator are alive in the same being. It is not a concept but an experience. Once we release the limitations of our perception, we see the divine will (Hukam) at play in everything and in ourselves. Guru Nanak describes the aspects of Hukam as the giver of life, the sustainer of existence, as moral law, and as woven into the very fabric of the universe. In order to tune with the Hukam, we need to tune deeply with ourselves.

By diving into our heart, we might have a chance to perceive the impact of the change even before it takes place. Without this intuitive exploration, we are just victim of circumstances and time, and will be automatically influenced by others’ opinion and judgment. By lacking perception, we are the victim of projections.

“As the Aquarian Age dawns, the old defenses and manipulations based on hiding or controlling access to information will no longer work. We need the capacity to assess our actions and their consequences before we take them, as if every action will be known and will reveal us. Only then can we realize that our word, fulfilled by actions, is our ultimate gift and power.” – Yogi Bhajan


In case of a crisis, everything that connect us to the physical body and awaken its sensitivity to the inner tension instead of going into the mind to escape it is very much appropriate. Take a cold shower, go in the snow, expose it to the cold, … anything that shock the body will bring us back to the body.


Kriya to Take Away Stress – about 40 min

Release your adrenals, renew the flow of your sexual energy, relax within the sound.

Meditation to Enrich the Mind – 31 min

Face the pressure of change, access a new prana available.

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