Kundalini Yoga practice for Dec. 31 & Jan 1

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Kundalini Yoga practice for Dec. 31 & Jan 1

New year celebration’s practice

8.00 PM
Kriya “Healing the stomach” – about 30 min
Develop your capacity to discern between your intuitive mind and your rational mind.
8.45 PM
Chant “Har Seva Mukh Amrit Naam” – 2,5 hours
Strengthen the connection to your creative self. Bring awareness on your words. Your words in service of your divinity.
Please contact us to receive the music.
11.30 – 12.00 PM
Pet Ardas Meditation – 31 min
Surrender to a new beginning, let go and keep with you for this new year only what serves you.

Healing the stomach
Healing the stomach
Pet Ardas Meditation

Special meditation for the 1st of January

Connect to the unknown & the Tantric Energy (2,5 hours)

31 min of Sat Kriya variation for each GUNA (Tam, Raja, Sat) in order to digest 2019 and open ourselves to the unknown of 2020.
It works as well on the blocks of our sexual energy.

Full lecture on the Library of Teachings

SAT KRIYA Variation:

Sat Kriya posture as usual.
Eyes focus on the tip of the nose
Chant 8 times SAT NAM
and one time WAHE GURU – open your arms 60 degree, palms facing up.
And then come back again on the Sat Kriya mudra (venus mudra with index straights).
Part 1: 31 min
Rest a few min.
Part 2: 31 min
Rest a few min.
Part 3: 31 min
Rest for one hour. Relax on your back, seat, … stay in silence and rest for one hour.

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