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2020 Intuitive Guidance

Change of Perception
No compromise of my truth
Sensitivity to deliver my words
Tantric path

2019 (3) was a fiery year that burnt many false identities, relationships, projects, hidden strategies, … and deep attachment to some obsolete forms. It was a kind of purification through the different stages of the fire, a refinement of our consciousness to step into 2020 lighter and clearer about who we are not and what we want to be faithful to.


We move from 2019 (3) – I am identified to the form, I am the form, I am what I see and what the others see in me,
… to 2020 (4) – I am formless, my feelings tell me what I am not and that there is much more unknown to who I think I am.

2020 (2+0+2+0=4) is about sensitivity, listening and neutrality. 4 is the space of the heart, the space of Guru Ram Das. It is the understanding of Sat Nam once we realized Ek Ong Kar, the creator (formless) and the creation (form) are one. It is the capacity to see God in all, to transcend the polarities (2) that give birth to the form and open ourselves to a new perception of what is. It is an invitation to step into the tantric path, the diagonal, the “fourth way”.

Neutrality comes by holding the tension of the polarities (2) without reacting. 2020 will challenge us especially in term of relationships (2). Do we react and nourish the separation to avoid the tension (especially in time of conflict)? Do we fusion to avoid the tension at the cost of our own needs? Or do we focus on cultivating the relationship by our presence and our listening capacity even if the feelings are uncomfortable?

“When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru”. – Baba Ram Dass

Sexual energy

2020 might be an opportunity to see how we use sexuality (2) in our couple or in general in our life. Sexuality is a reflection. If we live a fractionated life, our sexuality will be fractionated. If we live in avidity, fears, worries, our sexuality will reflect that or compensate for it. A sexuality cannot be fulfilling or cannot be fully and freely expressed if we live in a conditioned frame of “I like, I don’t like”, “profitable or not profitable”.
We often use sexuality to resolve our inner tension. It might be a compensation to deal with our individual stress or with tension and conflicts in the relationship. When our body is tranquil, calm, when we feel autonomous, without needs, then we can see the other person. We really meet the other person in the fullness and not in the need. Touching by desire stays at the surface; we project our desire and we use the other’s body to satisfy this impulse. Yogi Bhajan invited us to look at sexuality as a transcendence, as a spiritual expansion. Surrendering and being vulnerable (4) are two of the conditions to embark on this journey. One of the first steps is to look at how our sexual energy was blocked by our judgment (or the judgment of others) and by the denial of our impulses and instincts.


The question behind the number 2 is “What am I faithful to?” 4 is a new field of possibilities, an unknown unfolding. The opposite is to repeat the known, to hold on repetitive beliefs and recurrent reactions. To step into a new outcome resulting from my truth, I need to feel. 4 is the language of feeling. What was true yesterday might not be true today. It is not about what I think or what others think, but what I feel in the moment and how I am able to express it.


Words (4) are a crucial issue in 2020. My words are always faithful to who I am at the moment I speak them. They are a constant mirror. If I am caught in my limited self, my words reflect it. If I am connected to my deepest self, my words reflect it. Through my words, I create the reality of the next moment. Do I let them come from my heart – my mouth being the vehicle of the divine wisdom – or do I filter those words with my beliefs that cultivate the ego-mind?

2020 is an opportunity to recognize the power of our words. The words we use most frequently reflect our deepest beliefs about life itself. What define us today is the result of what we said in the past. We might lock ourselves up by our own words. We need to go to the bottom of what we have engendered in order to free ourselves. Karma is a total faithfulness to our own words. Even God does not intervene between us and our words. The manifested world as we perceive it, is the result of the sum of our words. The path of the wise is to recognize the true value of words and their infinite creative power. True wisdom is often in the silence.

We invite you to meditate on the 19th Pauree of the Japji which is very connected to that:

Asankh naav asankh thaav. Agam agam asankh lo.
Asankh kaheh sir bhaar hoe. Akharee naam akharee saalaah.
Akharee giaan geet gun gaah. Akharee likhan bolan baan.
Akharaa sir sanjog vakhaan. Jin eh likhe tis sir naaeh.
Jiv phuramaae tiv tiv paaeh. Jetaa keetaa tetaa nao.
Vin naavai naahee ko thaao. Kudarat kavan kahaa veechaar.
Vaariaa naa jaavaa ek vaar. Jo tudh bhaavai saaee bhalee kaar.
Too sadaa salaamat nirankaar.

“The hub of this pauree is the word Akharaa which means Word itself. In the unwritten journals of the history and evolution of man, there were certain practices which brought the human into a state of harmony and union with himself, with his surroundings and with his heavens. These practices were transferred from generation to generation. They were based on one thing: the science of the Word. The Word was their Guru and their Guru existed from the beginning of ages, has existed through all the ages, is now and always shall exist. This Guru Nanak also states in the beginning of Jap Ji Sahib: Aad Sach, Jugad Sach, Hebi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bi Sach.
In that time, and in the concept of that technology, existed the realization that a word was not a sound only, but it was the actual manifestation of the “thing” itself. In this concept, thoughts did not create words, but words created thoughts and thought patterns.
The mind followed the word rather than the word following the mind. So they discovered that by changing their words, they changed their reality and that by effectively employing words they could create their own destiny.” – Yogi Bhajan

Har Seva Mukh Amrit Naam, a sentence from Guru Arjan contained in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, reflects very much this topic. “When I serve the creation (Har), my divine creative self (Har), the sweetness of the Name (the Divine Word) flows into my mouth”. Once I serve (4) my truth, the universal wisdom (higher-self) will carry me, the spirit will descend and manifest itself through my words.


Yogi Bhajan mentioned that 4 is the shortcut to 10 (1+2+3+4=10). Therefore, 2020 is like a jumping board into an unknown potential that might question deeply our sense of self.

What we let go in 2019 belonged to the old structure of our psyche, it was somehow tangible. What we might let go in 2020 belongs to the realm of the silence, where nothing can be explained, where no rationality can be applied, where it does not necessarily make sense. It is the power of our intuitive self descending into our heart, breaking the illusion of being separated and all the side effects of this sense of separation (judge, criticize, compare, …).

If we do not react to this vastness, if we stay still and contemplate, 2020 will be an unlimited space of possibilities.

Ajai Alai Awakening

Seva & community

The year 2020 (4) is an invitation to step into our neutral mind and open our heart to a new vibration. This year is an opportunity to experience a new flavor of the community. In touch with my deep feelings, I find my place and contribute to the community at my highest potential.

A community can manifest only if I perceive myself as a community! We are made of trillions of cells, independent organisms coming together to bring our being alive! What hold them together in harmony is our consciousness, our presence. We are the witness of this dance of cells. In our body, when a cell starts to disconnect from other cells, it is called cancer and it creates long-term (and sometimes) irreversible damages.

Like our physical body which is in constant change and adaptation, a healthy community is flexible and can adapt. It responds quickly and adjust to a reality that perpetually moves. An Aquarian Community (community of the Aquarian Age) is based on a strong sense of self in service of a deeper dimension by listening carefully to the present moment.

We need ME (our limited self) in order to participate fully to life and do our part. And from ME, we can expand to WE without self-denial or self-betrayal. We are all needed to write a better story, a better tomorrow. The earth is crying, calling us to come together and manifest a reality in respect of our highest values and virtues. From Me to We to Thou!


Connected to my heart (4), I do not exist therefore I fully exist. In my presence, I discover my absence, and love prevails in that paradox. It is time to give the priority to the heart, not to the mind which has difficulty to follow the heart frequency. By embracing the paradox of existence and non-existence, I can be in touch with the field that holds the creation. In that empty space, there is an un-struck sound (Anahat), there is Love and only Love.

“What is it between us? What is the only possible relationship? Love. There is no relationship other than love – and it is not a relationship. When I pretend nothing, there is this affection – which is not towards an object but which is the essence of all situations. Therein lies the joy of sharing: going together to attend a boxing match, listening to an opera, walking, eating, dancing together … It’s not for dance or for boxing: deeply, it’s the fact to be together. What does “being together” mean? It means: not to be. Don’t be personally. There is only boxing, the moon, the cool of the evening. The joy of being together comes from the sacrifice, the sacrifice of his knowledge. To be together, you first have to be gone: this is the deep relationship between human beings. These are not person-to-person relationships. There there is no possible love: the person wants something. The joy of taking someone to the theater or to a hockey game is not for the hockey game. Watching together is the deep joy of being. There is no one looking, no more person-to-person relationship: nothing but looking.” – Eric Baret – De l’Abandon

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