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In October, we talked about the praise of limits. It is by accepting limits, including our own, that we can touch the unlimited. The problem is that we resist these limits because very often, they are painful. To accept limits means to accept the separation and all the wounds of the past linked to this sense of separation. It also means touching a great insecurity by realising that we are finally completely alone. This insecurity being the doorway to deep trust.

If we do not accept limits, most often judging them as abusive, we cannot enjoy the qualities of number 11. We fall into the trap of using spirituality to avoid ourselves once again and chase a perfect, loved, and protected version of ourselves that no longer suffers from separation.

We are unconsciously chasing an ideal version of ourselves. Our spiritual path, our practice, our discipline, become justified control over our lives because it is for a luminous cause. We chase an ideal, ignoring ourselves in the process, and we become special because only we feel and have access to this life mission. It is the spiritual ego that feeds on achieving this goal which must be validated by others. Those who are not dazzled by this light become our enemies, those who do not understand. Without the acceptance of limits, 11 becomes a trance that is very difficult to step out of. Any mirror that life brings me is cleverly discarded!

The opposite strategy is to stay in the shadows, in the corner, fuelled by laziness and vitality wasted in negativity or distraction. In this scenario, existence itself is the enemy!

By taking ourselves seriously, life loses its simplicity and flavour, taking away the chance to be forever satisfied. When a mission (a project) runs out, we have to find another horse to ride very quickly.

In this quest for power, we become full of pride, to cover a deep-seated shame of not being enough, with the added shame of knowing that we are manipulating ourselves and others.

The 11 invites us to reconnect to the original intention (1) of any spiritual path: to find unity and our uniqueness, to discover that although separation is painful (2), it is the condition for being in relationship and for finding this forgotten connection (11). 11 blends sadness and joy, pain and pleasure, a dance that leads to the ecstasy of the present moment.

The 11 invites us to listen to the simplicity of our needs and to honour them. We are unique, and it is through our limitations and needs that we discover this uniqueness and our own rhythm. Listening to our needs connects us directly to our childhood wounds (when our needs were not met) and to our compromises with ourselves (when it is more “comfortable” to ignore our needs in order not to disappoint, not to be judged, and to continue to be loved for who we are not).

Listening to what is alive in us is an opportunity to take back responsibility for our lives and not to cultivate a victim attitude. It is an opportunity to reconnect with the intelligence of the body and its cycles, in tune with ancient wisdom and universal cycles.

Ignoring our limitations forces us to be special and to automatically judge the outside, comparing ourselves to others, and competing with them. We lose our rhythm and may even experience spiritual burnout. The feeling of having tried everything and done everything without seeing any improvement are signs of this ever more controlling spiritual ego.

Accepting our uniqueness (1) allows us to reconnect to our essence, which is to be at the service of the moment and to honour the flow of life that passes through us. In this deep listening, the other is automatically included. This is the paradox of 11! By being myself (1), I allow you the freedom to be yourself as well(1). We become benevolent mirrors for each other. We learn and grow from our respective uniqueness.

„When the finite will exalt the Infinity, the Infinity will exalt the finite. It is a simple law of give and take.“ – Yogi Bhajan


Meditation into positivity SO HUNG, 11 to 31 min.

Connect to the infinite and develop trust.

Experience your spiritual trance and awaken your dormant spirit, about 31 min

Develop your sensitivity and a perception of your uniqueness.


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