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Intuitive Guidance · July 2021

The past months brought uncertainty. There has been pressure caused by the movement and special cluster of the planets, which made us doubt and revisit every thought, impulse, decision, any message heard, and made our subconscious pour out old patterns and wounds. What should we believe, what should we choose, and how should we move? Who is right and who is wrong in this year of deep change?

Events worldwide followed the same uncertain patterns, with countries ending their lockdowns while others were shutting down again struck by a new one.

Many went within themselves to find resources and could hold the tension of not being able to see clearly. It has been a time of waiting.

But others felt the tension as a call for action and started looking for their own solutions on how to go back to what they considered normality, the past.

Vaccinations also support the illusion that “Everything can become as it was” and for many it became quickly associated to freedom.

In this year, that carries the number 5 (2+0+2+1), once more the experience goes through THE BODY.

Body, nervous system, change, learning, and freedom. These are the topics we explore in this year, and that belong to our light body number 5.

And indeed freedom, or at least relief, started kicking in after the Summer Solstice, a powerful one, especially in this year.

Even the weather changed radically at the same time, giving us hints that something is moving. Almost everywhere it is windier than usual. Air carries new messages, and we must listen to hear them properly.

July (7) is the month that gives us the hope we can regain clarity and make plans again. The auric body has a chance to come out of the confusion caused by the contradicting information it was receiving without being able to make sense of it. Our electromagnetic field is re-establishing its connections and gets stronger by the thought of re-creating a new structure on which to base future decisions.

The year (2+0+2+1=5) + the month (7) create the fire and motion of a new creative manifestation (7+5=12=1+2=3). The dynamism of the 3, the fire triggered and used by the 7 (the aura) to filter the right information and explore new solutions, give hope that the flow can be re-established soon. These polarities reflect the qualities we need this month, a passive active presence, a reflective projective attitude, an alert contemplation, in order to use our prana in the right way. We might be challenged by the coming back of a more intense social life, which can become a distraction from the real fulfillment that we need in the next coming weeks. How can we be surrounded by people, impressions, activities, … while keeping the perception of the subtle and unknown? How can we respect our needs of solitude while the social agitation is pulling us to meet people?

The tireless Giving of the Divine is again perceptible. It was always there, but the fog around us and the distraction brought by the destabilization may have stopped us to see it.

This month we have a chance to upgrade our system to a more impersonal place where, instead of using our fire to constantly get and take for the sake of our own little safety, we can finally use it to give and to uplift others in a divine way. By taking, we evoke the small, by giving, we expand.

Following our own desires can be a way to free ourselves from our own comfort zones and offer new perspectives to the people around us, even uplifting them!

In this way, we prepare for the prosperity that is waiting for us in the months to come.


KRIYA: Archer Pose (from 3 to 11 min on each side)

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” ~ YB

Radiance is our shine—our inner light. It’s what attracts opportunity and prosperity into our lives. It’s what protects us from fear and hatred. Our Radiant Body is our protection; but it is also our projection, a witness to our royal courage, our grace, and our willingness to be of service to others.

MEDITATION: The art of cohesiveness

Central focus and consolidate attitude from the mind.

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