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Our scope of life depends mainly on what we believe we deserve based on the memories of what we received (quality and quantity) when we were children. We grow up building up defense mechanisms to create a comfort zone in which we feel safe. We pile up many layers of filters and control our hearts to feel protected.

As adults, we wish for a prosperous life, but we want to know what will come before we open ourselves. But the truth is that we will never know until we open the door and accept being vulnerable!

1+2 =3, the positive mind tells us: “I want more of life,” but immediately, the negative mind reacts and says: “It is dangerous, it is too much, there are too many risks, I will never manage, I will be overwhelmed, …”.

This year 2022 is about the mastery of the Arcline (the 6th body), which is our capacity to hold the paradox and to trust the unknown. Let’s consider that life might have more to bring to us, even though it challenges our safety.

The pressure we might feel this month comes from our resistance to the abundance of life. We do not dare to receive! We can use this pressure to make ourselves more robust and more grounded so that our Pranic body (8th body) can increase the intensity of its flow and open the gates to receiving more vital energy, information, more opportunities, ….

December is a time to release old fears, to let go of the compromises we make, to clarify what truly nourishes us, and to take a step in that direction, even if it is a small one.


We invite you to meditate on the CHATTR CHAKKR VARTI mantra.

(This mantra is the last 4 lines of the Jaap Sahib from Guru Gobind Singh)

Chattr chakkr vartee, chattr chakkr bhugatay

Suyumbhav subhang sarab daa sarab jugtay

Dukaalang pranaasee dayaalang saroopay

Sadaa ung sungay abhangang bibhootay


Thou art pervading in all the four directions, the Enjoyer in all the four directions. Thou art self-illumined and united with all. Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy. Thou art ever within us. Thou are the everlasting giver of indestructible power.

Kriya: To free your subconscious

Meditation: Chakkar chalunee kriya

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