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September 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

August (8) might have been an intense period for many; a time during which deep subconscious patterns came to the light of our consciousness. Never comfortable and sometimes destabilizing, intense emotions and pain can in this way be released and integrated. If this process is accepted and not resisted, it provides a chance to open us to a new sensitivity and a new understanding on how much we react to life based on past experiences and crystalized habits.

September (9 – subtle body) is an opportunity to perceive our lives from a different altitude and perspective. The subtle body gives us access to a deeper silence where the matrix is perceived.

In the Mul Mantra, the 9th dimension is expressed by Ajuni, which means unborn or never born.

What does it mean to be unborn?

It means that we deny every proposition from the mind.

The flow of reality is so strong that somehow, we learnt to deviate and distract ourselves from it to feel more secure. Each time we deviate it we take the bait, and we go for another loop of our mind games. The bait is the bait of the grasp of time and it goes with the illusion of power and control. The measure of time is the Intensity of change.

The need to control comes from our resistance to change and our attempt to maintain our form over time.

In the gap between two forms, the formless is there.

In between two lives we experience the undying part of us.

In between two thoughts is the silence of our totality.

This is Ajuni, when we renounce the bait, then time dissolves and the vortex that usually opens on the time of birth and death is experienced while alive in a physical form. The 3 gunas of birth / life / death merge to experience the 4th state.

When adversity becomes prosperity

“Accepting the challenge is the first act of the man and converting any adversity into prosperity is the second challenge of the man.” – Yogi Bhajan

Not reacting to adversity requires us to hold back our automatic defense mechanisms. It is like a screen on which we watch the movie of our own reactions. It is like reflecting the temporary light of our ego to be able to reach the infinite light of our soul, like the moon reflecting the sun.

One possibility is to contemplate the physical sensations related to these reactions and let them transform/dissolve under the fire of our awareness.

Another possibility, when these reactions have already engaged our glandular system, is to go to the opposite direction of where our subconscious directs us. This is call gatka. When I feel distancing myself from someone, instead, I do the opposite and hug that person for example! This automatically breaks the trance of our subconscious and bring us back in the here and now by creating a shock.

Any judgments or polarized opinions is to say no to life to stay in our safe and comfort zone. It consumes a lot of prana to hold the fort (keep our beliefs) against the infinite (which to the ego represents a danger!).

Our sadhana (daily meditative practice) nurtures an intimate relationship with ourselves that allow us to open our sensitivity and intuition. Surfing peacefully the wave of life requires our intuition. Without intuition, we depend automatically on our beliefs and preconceptions, on our dual approach of life based on our past to maintain an illusionary safety.

When adversity is welcomed as a source of prosperity, our karma becomes our dharma. We can only be full of gratitude for all experiences that come to our lives. Each experience is welcomed as a gift, as a possibility to discover more about ourselves.

When we feel limited, our ego cannot be grateful, it needs a duality of good or bad, right and wrong, ….  Our ego-mind can only prevail when we are in tension or when we resist.

Being grateful is the death of what we created by delimiting the whole because life was too scary to take, or too overwhelming, or simply unacceptable according to our beliefs. It requires to feel without the filter of our reactive mind, to feel and not to judge.

Gratitude opens our heart and relaxes us.

In gratitude, we become a magnet. Opportunities fly to us

It is time to ask for more!

Opening ourselves 100%, saying yes to all range of experiences!

Life is a gift! Open each gift package with enthusiasm, inside is the you waiting for you!

Experience gratitude is to take the full responsibility of our finite self and recognizing that we have a limited number of breaths to experience this life. It is not to be passive, it is to act from Shunia!

There is not time to be wasted!

The time is NOW.

As a daily reminder

We invite you to follow what Sadhguru suggested on social media:

“Before you go to bed, sit on your bed and think this is your deathbed.

You have just one minute to live.

Just look back and see: what you have done today, is it worthwhile?

If you do thus, you will live a worthwhile life.”


Kriya for the glandular system

Our glands keep the memory of our automatic reactions (when we took the bait). Cleansing the glands or rebooting them is necessary to welcome each breath with a renewed awareness.

Meditation taught on the 24/09/1979

Trains our ego-mind to contemplate the tension of the void without filling in it with an automatic reaction. Stabilize our mind.

Meditation – Attitude of Gratitude

Taught on June 26, 1998

Become the co-creator. Release your insecurities. Prosperity is there at each moment; we just need to recognize it!

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