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November 2020 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

Rhythms and stillness
Fear of peace

October was quite an intense month , an opportunity to release some of the old automatic patterns of the mind. Especially some of us experienced the letting go of control mechanisms that maintained a limited perception of our field. These patterns of protection significantly reduce our intuitive capacity and the depth of our silence. We always rely on the same type of prana. The flow of the pranic body, therefore the reality we live in, is so strongly conditioned by these patterns.

One way to recognize it is to pay attention to the conflict of different pulses or rhythms inside us. Sometimes a dichotomy between the rhythm of the body and the rhythm of the mind might be perceived. Like if they play a different tempo that creates a kind of chaos. As if they are separate entities.

We are not moving in one direction, since for doing this we would need an inner unity, a crystallized being. Instead we perceive us as many selves, with no unity. Thoughts play an important role in the chaos because they are contradictory and therefore divide us. Every thought pulls us apart and towards a different direction. The decisions we make are always against some part within us and never total.

The mind can often distract us by accelerating the rhythm of our life and as a result we get entangled without even perceiving that we are entangled . We might be successful, efficient, even sensitive and spiritual but we keep evolving in a perimeter that is always the same and if we pay deeper attention to it, we might become aware that the contours of it are still the same.

This is when we need to invite the pranic body in the game. Because this separation can be contemplated through the quality of flow of the pranic body. We must learn to consciously change the flow – not in order to fix anything but to break the hypnotic protective and controlling aspect of our mind so we are then able to see the flow from a refreshed perspective .

The opening of our inner landscape doesn’t happen by going forward and trying more. It opens up when we stop trying and breath in stillness, when we stop moving and enjoy the peace of the zero point, when we become thoughtless. Then a different rhythm occurs from which endless and spontaneous opportunities arise. Any action from there is like a joyful dance.

For some of us, when our mind might surrender a little bit, we might experience in November (11) the ecstasy of blossom and recognition of the outside (1 – creation) as a mirror of our inner beauty (1 – the Self) revealing itself in myriads of faces, the 1 (creation) mirroring in the 1 (self) = 11. Like a cosmic echo … gratefulness appearing so naturally for every little thing. This can be also manifested as a deep trust in the projects and collaborations on the go for 2021.

At other times, fears (11 as a “negative” 2) might show up because peace is for most of us a very challenging place to be since we are so used to be busy all the time. These fears are not to be denied as they are pointing to the reunion of the different pulses within us so we can dance to the beat of unison within ourselves and with the world at large.

When we feel entangled in those fears, we should meditate on prosperity, not as wishful thinking but recognizing where prosperity is already happening in our pranic flow.

It might be very subtle, we call prosperity to be revealed and we just contemplate it.

If we do not bother about the fear, it will dissolve and we recuperate huge amounts of Prana. There is always a part of us that is prosperous, otherwise we would already be dead. Be with it, give it space and breath deeply in it, the rest will unfold by itself.

It is then that we may realize the deep significance of the number 11. My light is not there to blend or fascinate others, but to remind them to switch on their own. I am a lighthouse. I am not attracting anybody to myself, but to their own safety where they can let the tension go and expand into their infinity.

Kriyas and Meditations

Kriya: NM128 940316 That’s the way of prosperity

Clear the subconscious patterns that block the flow of prana, that block your prosperity.

Click here for the full lecture.

Kriya: Adjusting the centers of interconnection and intercommunication.

Stimulate the flow of prana between your polarities (left and right), and between the navel and the third eye.

Meditation: May 18 1990 Los Angeles

“Say Saraswati”, by observing the flow of your breath, you readjust the flow of prana between your polarities and in all your nadis within the body and within your electromagnetic field. Gives you a state of inner relaxation to be able to contemplate the beauty within and the beauty of the creation!

Click here for the full lecture.

FULL MOON: November 30

Meditation: Meditation to command your five tattvas

Penetrate the unknown without fear. The mantra adjusts your frequency to anchor yourself within yourself (helped by the pumping of the navel). You will balance your mind and let go the need to control.

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