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March 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

“One thing will always make you lose, and that is reaction. There are certain other things in addition, but you must start with reaction: rudeness, subjective insecurity, objective paranoia and creative fear. Aren’t they wonderful? When you have them all in your behavior, you destroy yourself. You don’t need an enemy”.
Yogi Bhajan

March is 3. The humility and trust, topics we chose for January and February respectively are fundamental for a healthy manifestation of the 3, the spirit entering the matter in infinite possibilities of realization.

“Har Haray Haree” where Har (1) represents the seed, potential of the infinite creative principle. Haray (2) represents the flow of the creative force in action, and Hari (3) the manifestation of that force.

The potential energy is stored energy that wants to be used. That same energy is in motion behind any manifested form created by our impulses.

Manifesting is the fundamental nature of who we are. We cannot avoid manifesting. Regardless of whether we like it or not, we are constantly pouring thoughts and actions into the world (even just breathing is manifesting!)

But the word “potential” is a crossroad made of two directions: serving a purpose or sabotaging it.

Too often we are concerned about who we should be and how we should act, thus bringing tension and strategies into the creation. Manifesting is also when our negative thoughts lead us into a downward spiral of self-fulfilling prophecies of self-destruction.

Once something is manifested, it is visibly there – devil or divine. We cannot pull it back, nor avoid the consequences that it generates.

From our birth onward, our physical body is the vehicle by which we are manifesting in every single moment of every single day. March (3) and the sum of this year (2+0+2+1=5 – the physical body) strongly resonate with one another. The manifestation through our body makes the karmic synergy through which we experience and learn. It is the way we use our prana (3+5=8).

So, the question is – are we firm in our purpose or do we let our subconscious manifest reactively for us?

To trust means to deeply know within that there is no other than the One in All.

How can the one hurts oneself? By pretending to be someone else and believing it!

In order to avoid the pain of separation we validate a third person whose role will be to fill in the gap and pretend in this way to cover the tension.

We will build part of our self esteem on the strength of this persona and will end up believing that it is our gift.

But it is only a well-perpetuated lie that holds the ghosts in the closet not realizing that  actually we are feeding them by keeping them in the shadow.

This goes on until we exhaust the prana, after which something will have to break. This is when the madness of the 3, filling or covering the gap, is finally seen.

When the outside reality pushes too hard and people’s system can’t match its proposal because this is too confronting, then the solution will be to create a separate version of the reality according to what we can tolerate and accept.

There will be no room for inner transformation. The newly created and parallel version of the reality might stretch to become a hallucination or a trance (psychosis).

In summary, if the identity is too strong, the risk is to break the container and no longer be able to function socially. We might be enlightened but alone in the asylum 🙂

On the other hand, if identity, structure, and form are too loose we will not be able to locate ourselves and spirituality becomes an escape. The prana has no container …so we will never really benefit of our personal practice. Our mantras might nourish the collective field but not our own perspective on life. Our words might still impact the environment but not mine. So, we end up somehow benefitting from our practice as members of the collective but not really from the transformation of our personal daily life.

This produces a split between our spiritual and material lives. We will be convinced that our daily routine life has nothing to do with our spirituality and even that they clash. But, as a matter of fact, there is only one life, my life.

This month we try to find balance in the identity to make it stable enough to ground our process but not too rigid that it ends driving us slowly to madness .

We integrate the Saturn energy by recognizing the limits and recognizing the instinctual self.

To be human contains the paradox of merging the polarities of the instinctual self and the divine self.


Kriya for the Instinctual Self – 20/40 min

Works on the first three chakras to balance and strengthen the lower triangle. 

The Dance of Shiva – 11 min

Balances the glandular system, stimulates the grey matter of the brain, build your endurance to face your subconscious blocks.

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