March 2020, Intuitive guidance and practice

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March 2020, Intuitive guidance and practice

Rationalization versus intuition
My Inner HAR
Reaction to pressure
Abuse and the capacity to penetrate
Resonance in the gallbladder

Rationalization versus intuition

Last year in 2019, many obsolete structures and forms (jobs, businesses, relationships, …) were burnt (2+0+1+9=3) to the ground. Many of us have experienced tremendous changes in our lives. We could still make sense of these changes, understand the reasons and somehow see how we ended up in those situations that needed to be changed or transformed. We could rationally understand the why and what needed to be integrated and digested. This understanding still gave us a sense of control over our lives.

2020 brings truth (4 – Sat Nam) that questions any sense of identity which is based on something outside us (money, beliefs, opinions, race, gender, …) rather than on our infinity.
This year and especially the coming month, the core of our beliefs (3 and 3+4=7) on which our sense of self, security and territory (2) are built, is challenged. These are the beliefs that protect and limit us at the same time. The challenge comes from the outside and resonates inside! It is our own reaction to outside stimuli that becomes the real threat. It is very much connected to our capacity to digest information (3, inner fire or agni) and to recognize and hold the inner tension that it is generated (4, neutral mind) without jumping on our usual conditioning.

Our intellectual and mental understanding is based on the past (experiences, memories, knowledge) and on subconscious filters. We understand by filtering the reality according to what we know. This increases the polarities of the mind. This polarization is strong this year with two numbers 2 (2020) and the tendency to take side, to be “for“ or to be “against”. We exist through our personal statements, opinions and analysis. Taking side gives us the possibility to release the inner tension of the polarities for a while, finding people who approved my opinion gives me again a sense of security. The social media plays an active role in that. My existence through the acknowledgement of others (through their “I like”, approval, comments, or even disagreement, which nourishes the tension outside and distract us from our own inner tension for a while). Being “a part of” gives me security.

Inner HAR

March is an opportunity to step into a new sense of stability and find our own inner HAR, pure potential of creativity. 3 is an invitation to respect our spontaneity and follow the flow of our creative impulse, HAR, unfolding into HAREY HAREE, its manifestation. Instead of identifying to the noise of our mind, we identify to its silence. Instead of identifying to the form, we identify to the formless and the void from which life stems. It is the realization that the only limit that exists is the one that I choose (usually unconsciously). I am the co-creator of my own story and any moment I can change the narrative by going back to the silence where my inner HAR whispers to my ears with an infinite pulse. Do I dare to trust this voice, or do I judge it? Do I dare to go beyond my comfort zone and my rational understanding of life (with all its “should” and “should not”), or do I jump into a wild new life? Do I dare to have an impact on people (waves of my HAR) and risk to loose their approval, or do I stay in the shadow without expressing my voice? Do I dare to be in my full power and potency without the fear to hurt others or do I limit myself to fit in? Do I dare to be me or do I keep the role that served me until now?
“Har Seva Mukh Amrit Naam”, If I serve my HAR, the divine nectar will flow into my mouth, my words will be divine!

Reaction to pressure

Recently, in the Kundalini Yoga community, we have been facing allegations against Yogi Bhajan (check our article regarding the allegations). We cannot grasp these allegations rationally. The reactions of the Sangat on social media are intense and very much polarized. In order to find back an inner stability, the strong tendency is to step into the duality (2) and to be against or for. This strategy allows us to avoid the inner tension and projects it outside by choosing a side.
3, the positive mind, is a part of the mind that spirals on, increasing the existing tendencies. Following the impulse of the negative mind (protection), it might increases the fears and find reasons and justifications for having those fears, pulling out memories, other similar situations, and bringing anger and frustrations into the picture, creating a new cause to defend whatever injustice …. If our neutral mind is active and stable, the positive mind will relay this part of the mind based on the language of feelings. Contemplating how I feel about the situation, contemplating the inner tension, I have a chance to unveil my uniqueness in how I receive these events and integrate them. These allegations, what Yogi Bhajan did, are information that need to be digested and composted to create a truthful tomorrow. This is true at the individual and collective levels.


Regarding the rational versus sensing, something similar happens with the coronavirus. Facing a situation which is completely out of my own control and even any individual rational understanding, do I fall into fears and panic or do I observe the impact on my self without reacting? If I react, basically it means that I need to get the disease in order to integrate this information! Any reaction to an outside stimulus is an opportunity to reinforce our sense of self-based on our inner HAR, our integrity, our capacity to stand for our truth without any judgement. Going into debates, politics, rationality is just a way to escape from myself. It is useless, time- and energy-consuming. This is the 3 as devil. 3 as divine is to enjoy what is. Dharma is the path to enjoy life, to taste it 100%. Karma is the % that we cannot taste, therefore we come back to digest our lessons and be able to taste the totality of life.

Abuse and the capacity to penetrate

Following the allegations against Yogi Bhajan, we are talking a lot about abuse.
What are we talking about?
Abuse in this context is when our capacity to penetrate (3) has been used in such a way that it is destructive rather than creative. It is when boundaries are crossed without consent.
This penetrating capacity is what the spermatozoa needs to reach the egg, it is at the base of creation.
Planting seeds in the subconscious is the purpose of our practices, it is called sankalpa. We open ourselves through asanas and breath, like preparing the soil of our being so that the seeds, in the form of sound (Shabad Guru) can be planted.
SAT NAM is the Bij mantra (seed mantra) we use mostly during kriyas as a way to remind ourselves and tap into the energy of our true self.

This capacity to penetrate is a power we develop a lot in Kundalini Yoga, it is called caliber in the teachings. If this capacity is developed, it gives the ability to elevate situations, we can be a forklift, our presence can affect the surroundings. But when used unconsciously, it can destroy and bring chaos in an instant.

In our communication, the word is like a sword that can cut the veil of lies or cut into pieces the heart of another being.
In sexuality, the penis, fingers or tongues can be the pathway to Heaven or Hell!!

It all comes down to the right that is given or not, the consent.
If someone penetrates my aura without my conscious consent, my subconscious will react to the seed that has been planted and that will create conflict, discomfort and disease.
This reaction of the subconscious, doing its job to protect me, will distort my perception of the seed. Whatever the quality of the seed, it will be perceived as a weed to be extracted.

The only way for our subconscious to welcome and agree is for it to be integrated during the planting of the seed. To include the subconscious we need to FEEL.
This is why we do asana and breath in the first place, so we can FEEL our body, our self. Then our soil, the subconscious, is prepared and involved.
Once the subconscious has allowed the seed to be planted, its energy can even support the growth of it, it is a wonderfull gardener.

On the other hand, any thought we follow without having the validation of our sensory system is an abuse to myself. It is self denial, like a rape to our own self.

In Piscean age, which was an age of beliefs, religion, hierarchy and rationalization, the amount of denial was huge. The more we buried ourselves under the carpet, the more the mask and facade were polarised. The more we deny ,the more we need to look good, even saintly and control everything. This is our attempt to try and convince ourselves and others that everything is fine. This is again manipulation of the outside and abuse of power and this turns into a vicious cycle that has spread like a virus for thousands of years.

As a society, we planted seeds of denial of the feminine, neglecting self experience, repressing feelings, controlling the access to the divine which was mainly through men to a masculine GOD, exploiting the earth and its ressources.

Today is time to acknowledge those repressed parts of ourselves, welcome the integration of the feminine and the wounds it carries from thousands of years of neglect .
Time to plant the seeds of peace, reconciliation and BALANCE of the polarities.
Let’s use our penetrating and projective power to elevate the situations of conflicts and BUILD a society of resilience and dignity that is in service to life and creation.

Resonance in our organs: the gallbladder

Ayurveda teaches that the gallbladder is an extension of the liver. As a storage site of bile, the gallbladder is a pitta organ playing an important role in the digestive process. As gallstones obstruct the flow of bile, pitta bile can not effectively digest Kapha fats. As a result, Kapha builds up in the digestive system resulting in pale, fatty stools. This can also occur any time that fat and oil intake exceeds the body’s ability to digest it. As kapha builds up in the digestive system, it can block the downward flow of Apana vayu. This increases the upward flow of Vata (Udana vayu) and results in belching.

Deep energies are in play with this organ
The gallbladder is the organ of “justice”, when balanced it gives straightforwardness, enthusiasm and courage.
It is the place where I will store all the frustration for not expressing what is just to me and not delivering my talents, my unique gifts.
It might accumulate the bitterness or sourness of those repressed feelings.
The meridian going close to the ears and eyes, affects strongly the filters I put between me and reality. The shell of my conditioning: “I hear what I want to hear and see only what is confortable”.
If it is weak, the capacity to digest the information from the outside, the discrimination that should happen in the duodenum will be greatly diminished and I will tend to take sides to release the pressure. This is when I I prefer to rationalize rather than act out of courage.

Diet suggestion: Lemon water for liver and gallbladder

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning kindles and protects Agni and helps to clear the digestive tract of Ama (toxins) that may have accumulated overnight. Despite its citric and ascorbic acid content, once metabolised, lemon water is also very alkalising, and can therefore serve to pacify accumulated pitta and to purify and cleanse the blood. Further, lemon water is a robust source of anti-oxidants, is considered a liver stimulant, and helps to encourage liver detox while supporting bile output.

½ fresh lemon (including the peel),
2 cups spring cold water,
2 cups hot water (recently boiled, or similar temperature).

Upon waking, combine the two cups of water, squeeze the fresh juice into the water and drop in the rind. Let sit for a few minutes and drink 2 to 4 cups on an empty stomach (you can continue to sip on what’s leftover throughout the day). Allow about 20 minutes before eating.

Note: this ratio of hot to cold water is a good guideline for the temperature, but it can be adjusted to meet your individual temperature preference.

“I have given you a technical know-how: how to love each other, how to be a family. All you have to do is, with patience and with tolerance, understand each other as equals, as brothers and sisters. I came here to give you the art of togetherness. To find that Infinite God within you was my honest intention. These are the foundations that I was supposed to lay. You are a huge family now, and nobody can wipe you out. You can exist without Yogi Bhajan. Feel as free and as strong as you possibly can. Have that strength that you are all One.
[…] I never came here by choice. Period. I owed you a debt. To pay this debt in full, I had to leave my family, leave my country, leave all my worldly possessions. I came with nothing, and I am to go away with nothing. One last job is remaining: I am to open to you the ancient gate of wisdom. I am bound to you. I am your servant. I am not your master.” – Yogi Bhajan, The History of Sikh Dharma in the Western Hemisphere

Kriyas & Meditations for this month

Nabhi Kriya for digestion (about 20 min).
Stimulate Apana, connect to your navel – source of the Har
[see below]

Kriya Chakra Praan (about 20 min).
Detox and new foundations. Adjust your spinal fluide and the circulation of prana. You are the breath of life.
[see below]

Meditation Lotus Eyes Kriya (Madhur Nain Kriya) (24 min)
Awaken the eyes in your inner self. Stimulate your vitality and personality to have the courage to go for your inner Har!

Please see below the detail.


Meditation to open the lock of the heart and increase the power infinite within (11 min)

Meditation for Word Power (11 min)
[see below]

Adi Shakti Tratakam Meditation (22 min + 11 min)

Practice with us:
Nabhi Kriya for digestion (about 20 min)
Kriya Chakra Praan (about 20 min)
Adi Shakti Tratakam Meditation (31 min)

Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti Tratakam Meditation

Yogi Bhajan taught gazing meditations and the technology of Tratakum. He taught that each Taatrik comes with its own special qualities.
Yogi Bhajan explained that the geometry and dimensions are very specific and meditating on this symbol “releases you from the limitations in the concept and experience of the self. It opens the higher chakras and it gives you equanimity and courage. It is healing and can cure many physical and mental difficulties.”
Posture: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Apply the neck lock. Place the Adi Shakti symbol directly in front at a distance of about 7 feet. Focus through the center of the symbol on to Infinity. The lighting must be bright enough to allow easy vision and dim enough to minimize distractions. Candle light is fine if it is strong enough and placed toward the sides of the picture.

Focus: Open the eyes wide. Then close the lower lids upward and the top lids downward about l/4th of the way to make “snake-eyes.” Keep the eyes fixed without blinking. Long, deep and slow breathing.

Mantra: Listen or chant JO JO DEESAY SO SO ROGEE (version suggested Sat Kartar Kaur) – see below the shabd. Continue for 22 min. Shabd to face our diseases and demons.
Then for 11 min, listenor chant HAR JAN RAKHAY (version suggested Sat Kartar Kaur) – see below the shabd. Continue for 11 min. Shabd for forgiveness and letting go the pain.

Time: 22 and 11 minutes. Then inhale, close the eyes and relax.

The Adi Shakti symbol was used for over 10,000 years before it was adopted and popularized by the Gurus of the Sikh tradition. It is a universal symbol that projects your mind into a state of expanded knowledge and ecstasy.
In some of the earliest spiritual traditions, a woman would stand on a hill dressed all in white with her arms raised upward in two 60 degree arcs. Her arms, head and spine formed the Adi Shakti symbol. They would meditate on that form and on the sacredness of the primal creative force of the Universe.

Guru Gobind Singh re-created the symbol by laying swords together: a curved sword on each side, a straight sword in the center, and a round circle called a chakra in the middle. The sword represents right judgment, good discrimination and the ability to discern the real from the unreal. As a complete symbol, the central sword is the individual awareness and Kundalini energy. The circle is the Infinite and the inner wholeness that is our nature. The two curved swords are the boundaries of birth and death, and the protection given by right thought in the higher mind. All together they grant Grace and Dignity under the challenges of life.


ha-umai rog maanukh ka-o deenaa.
Mankind is afflicted with the disease of egotism.
kaam rog maigal bas leenaa.
The disease of sexual desire overwhelms the elephant.
darisat rog pach mu-ay patangaa.
Because of the disease of vision, the moth is burnt to death.
naad rog khap ga-ay kurangaa. ||1||
Because of the disease of the sound of the bell, the deer is lured to its death. ||1||
jo jo deesai so so rogee.
Whoever I see is diseased.
rog rahit mayraa satgur jogee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Only my True Guru, the True Yogi, is free of disease. ||1||Pause||
jihvaa rog meen garsi-aano.
Because of the disease of taste, the fish is caught.
baasan rog bhavar binsaano.
Because of the disease of smell, the bumble bee is destroyed.
hayt rog kaa sagal sansaaraa.
The whole world is caught in the disease of attachment.
taribaDh rog meh baDhay bikaaraa. ||2||
In the disease of the three qualities, corruption is multiplied. ||2||
rogay martaa rogay janmai.
In disease the mortals die, and in disease they are born.
rogay fir fir jonee bharmai.
In disease they wander in reincarnation again and again.
rog banDh rahan ratee na paavai.
Entangled in disease, they cannot stay still, even for an instant.
bin satgur rog kateh na jaavai. ||3||
Without the True Guru, the disease is never cured. ||3||
paarbarahm jis keenee da-i-aa.
When the Supreme Lord God grants His Mercy,
baah pakarh rogahu kadh la-i-aa.
He grabs hold of the mortal’s arm, and pulls him up and out of the disease.
tootay banDhan saaDhsang paa-i-aa.
Reaching the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the mortal’s bonds are broken.
kaho naanak gur rog mitaa-i-aa. ||4||7||20||
Says Nanak, the Guru cures him of the disease. ||4||7||20||


Dhanaasaree mehalaa 5||
Chathur dhisaa keeno bal apana sir oopar kar dhaariou||
Kirapaa kattaakha avalokan keeno dhaas kaa dhook bidhaariou ||1||
Har jan raakhae gur govindh||
Kanth laae avagun sabh maettae dhaeiall purak bakhasnadh ||rehaao||
Jo maagehi thaadur apunae thae soee soee dhaevai||
Naanak dhass mukh thae jo bolai eehaa ooha sach hovai ||2||14||45||

Dhanaasaree, 5th Guru
He has extended His power in all four directions, and placed His hand upon my head.
Gazing upon me with his Eye of Mercy, He has dispelled the pains of His slave ||1||
The Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has saved the Lord’s humble servant.
Hugging me close in His embrace, the merciful, forgiving Lord has erased all my sins. ||pause||
Whatever I ask for from my Lord and Master, he gives that to me.
Whatever the Lord’s slave Nanak utters with his mouth, proves to be true, here and hereafter. ||2||14||45||

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