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June 2020 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

When you do things from the heart, you feel a river moving in you, a joy

– Rûmi

Daily sacredness, depth of simplicity
Starting new, one step after the other
Inner obedience & divine belonging

The measures taken against the spreading of the Corona Virus are progressively ending. Soon, life will be back to “normal”. This period of lock-down might have been an opportunity to question the “normal”. By limiting our movements, we had the possibility to listen deeper and contemplate a life where simplicity had a chance to prevail. This quietness gave us a chance to witness the unfolding of spring, and enjoy the abundance of nature, always ready to give and sacrifice. In the space of a day lies the richest treasures of everyday living. Each day offers us so many magical moments. Can we marvel at the sunrise? At hearing the sound of a bird, of a bee? At seeing the blossom of a flower? At sensing the rain? At the touch of the wind? Nature is such a source of inspiration to just BE and enjoy it!

Enriched from the self-discovery of the previous months, June (6) is like a new beginning, a fresh start to unfold a unrevealed potential! The moment we enter into action (or we express words), our inner reality and outer projections have a chance to meet or not. After the silence and the listening in this period that gave us the chance to go within, what is the Word that we will speak? What are its contribution, weight, and its value? What are the appropriate actions we will set up? What are their consequences? Automatically, the question of our integrity will raise, as well as our ability not to fall back into past habits and automatic behaviors. Will we be strong and vulnerable enough to sail on unknown seas? Will we be able not to be swallowed by the mainstream, which will forget as soon as possible in order to go back to “normal”?!

Integrity means that no one can cause us to detour from our course. No one can catch us or bind us with his desires, his feelings, his mental projections. No one distracts us. No one can make us deviate from what we want. And personally we do not want anything; we obey the divine will.

“Once our own inner integrity is established, we can enter into relationships with others with something to give—not looking for something to take”. – Yogi Bhajan

The Arc Line (6th body) is very much connected to our integrity. It is also the balance point between the physical realm and the invisible realm, the point of unification between the higher and lower bodies. It acts as a point of integration between the spiritual and the material.

Saying no to weed out the deadwood in our life and keep our energy where it belongs. Saying yes when our heart wants to do something that we have not because we have been too shy or not confident enough, or too practical; simply saying yes and opening up our world.

This process is a step by step journey, without preconception, with a deep connection to what is alive within us, surrendering to what is, trusting that one step will lead to another. It is about consistency, inner obedience, and who we really are, our core, weaknesses and all. Ceaselessly renewing ourselves by committing to not hide beneath a mask and by accepting the deep night of our subconscious, honoring it, and guiding it to an angelic light. This presumes the acknowledgment of our desires, passion, and creativity without restriction but with guidance. Reconciling our polarities, this new start sounds like a rebirth.

The last months, our lives have moved in small family and social circles. Virtual connections might have been numerous since the online meetings have overcome the restrictions of being able to meet. Nevertheless, most of us have experienced less interactions and this has tested our capacity to be alone and to build up a deeper connection with ourselves. We might have experienced some relief being alone and questioned our past needs to be with others! Respecting our own rhythm and savoring a divine belonging make us more independent.

It questions our close relationships by giving us a possibility to (re)define with whom we want to spend time with or even share our lives or part of our lives with. It questions as well our definition of community. The Aquarian Age is an age of community and many of us feel the call for it. The Kundalini Yoga community has been shaken by Yogi Bhajan’s allegations. We realize that our projections toward a “pure” Yogi Bhajan was mostly the cement of the sangat (community). Once we removed this role model, receptor of so much hope, desires to be a better person, belonging, judgments, … what is left of the community? What keep us together? The business aspect is not to be denied! But if we are honest and listen to a deeper resonance, what is our conclusion? What becomes our definition of a community?


The Brain Doctor Kriya

This kriya patches the two hemispheres together so you can both sense and project who you really are. Reduces overall body tension and enhances the awareness of the self. The inner creative self can project its essence outward.

Meditation Antar Naad Mudra July 26 1996

Pure knowledge, listening capacity, awareness of the words and sound.

Meditation NM131 True Love, Two psyches communicate without any sound taught on May 2 1994

Adjust your glandular system. Establish a silent communication between your polarities. Love and integrity.

Meditation LA387 Amarti-Mudra taught on April 10 1984

Relate to you mind. Harmonize your inner voice with your outer projection.

Full moon, June 5

Meditation Antar Naad Mudra July 26 1996 (full moon version).

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