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January 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

1/2021 – a date starting with 1 and ending with 1 – twice the 2 embedded in the 1. History repeats itself if we remain unconscious. Our only chance to move from the 1 to the 1 is to make a conscious decision with discipline, determination, and responsibility. By taking the leadership of our lives, we include others (2) in our plan and inspire them to connect to their divinity. We impact others and we are impacted by others at all times no matter what we wish or want! The sum of all digits (6) tells us to do it consciously, reinforce our arc line and extend our concern and attention to others and the whole system rather than stirring up the fears, doubts, and needs coming from our instinctual sense of protection and security.

The 1 as a starting point might trigger our anxiety, excitement, or hope and this happens according to the filters we are used to applying and therefore to our personality. This year is a good one to create new habits (2+1=3) and the change we want and might not have yet happened because it is difficult to get out of the “known”, even when it is less than positive.

The transition of the year carries many spiritual forces that we can use for this goal and many of them are connected to the 1, the strength and pressure needed by the seed to crack and come out of the heavy earth: humility, perseverance, vision, longing for the path and for life, the profound sense of the Self which brings us closer to our soul.

Watch the guidance for 2021 in the video below.

Kriyas & Meditations

Kriya for Regeneration – 40 min

This kriya will work on the sinuses and completely activate the rejuvenation of the cells within the body. 

Meditation Hari Nam Sat Nam – 31 min

Ajai Alai Awakening

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