February 2020, Intuitive guidance and practice

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February 2020, Intuitive guidance and practice

Faithfulness to our Infinite Self
The Need for Connection
The Light we Hide
I recognize my Needs and those of Others


February triggers the intensity of the qualities of the number 2.
2 is connected to the negative mind, our instinctual reactions to protect ourselves.
The negative mind is our capacity to say no, to build our boundaries and decide to what we are loyal to. It protects our soul and allows us to be faithful to our infinite self. If we rely on the past, on memories, on wounds, the negative mind freezes in a constant complaint and we lose the joy of life.

The Ambivalence of the Connection

It is also our primal relationship to the mother to whom we first relied on to survive, and illustrates the duality/tension between the need for connection and the risk we see to depend on someone since this person might hurt or leave us (2 as separation).

4 (2+0+2+0) is the capacity to bring clarity on our contradictions and inner tensions by naming them. 4 is to bring light on what we usually hide by choosing the right words to connect to such energy.

In our earthly life, we depend on each other and the intensity of this dependency, this attachment, is a proof of love. By recognizing the dependency, we have a chance to acknowledge the fears related to losing the connection. The need for connection is a survival need like food or water.

Instead of reacting based on the fears, we can act out of love and embrace the paradox between “I need you in order to live” and “I am ready to lose you at any moment”. Without this awareness, we constantly betray our inner feelings to fit into a relationship that provides us with safety. We ignore part of ourselves in order to avoid the separation. We basically create separation (inner) to avoid separation (outer)! We control ourselves and control others as well to fit into that unconscious common agreement.

We invite you to reflect on how this dynamic shows in the first relationship we had, the relationship with our mother. How do we deal with this tension today if my mother is still in my life? How is it manifested? Am I loyal to what is alive within me or do I need to ignore it to be in a “relationship” with her? Or do I need to refuse the relationship with her and create external tension in order to be “myself”? To what I am loyal to?
If I do not have a mother today or never had one, how do I relate to similar dependencies? Are my sense of loss and protection stronger, or do I lose myself in a relationship (fusion), ready to deny myself for the sake of not losing it?

Beyond our Fears there is Truth

The Aquarian Age is an age of vibrations and of resonances. We have access to a new source of subtle information that helps us to be more respectful to our truth by being more connected and committed to what is at the moment. We can experience that we don’t need to ignore parts of ourselves in order to be together. Our fears to be judged, abandoned, excluded, are just a play of the ego-mind to exist by keeping our frequency low and identify with these mental games.
4 is Sat Nam, my true identity, my true name. By being me, by expressing and acting it, I give a chance to the other person to do the same and we can come together in a space where we recognize our respective vulnerability and the similarities within us.

6 (2+2+2 – Feb 2020), the Arc Line reinforces the search of the heart for a meaning and a higher purpose. Are we ready to go beyond our fears to finally recognize our deepest needs, and in the heart be true to them? If the answer is yes, February might give us a renewed impulse to finally see how we can respect ourselves and realize when we were not fair to ourselves. We might not be able yet to implement the decisions we would like, but clarity is coming in our plans and the events seem to support them in unexpected ways.

The Interplay of the Numbers

In the system of tantric numerology, the soul (1) is constantly making her way through the 8 subsequent etheric bodies which are tools to sustain its development of consciousness and the earthly experience, in order to be able to communicate with the 9, the subtle body that constantly reminds us of our infinite nature. When we are not moving in the flow of this dynamic due to fears and limitations, we experience the less positive qualities of these etheric bodies that were supposed to help us instead.
During this month, we have to grow from the doubts and hesitations triggered by a 2 that resists the flow, and dive into the 4, the opening of the inner heart to consciousness. Here in the heart, the 2 will manifest harmony and recognition of our own needs.
We have to keep accepting the flow to reach 6, the recognition of others’ needs! Here is where we can develop a sense of togetherness that magnifies the original 2.
If again we resist, the 4 may become a negative 2 (2+2), as all double numbers have the power to be a double positive or a double negative, and we bolt and bar the door to change.

“We want to make our will so clean, so clear, so positive, that the ‘couldn’t’ doesn’t touch our shores. Things will not change if you don’t change them. What will change things in you is the divine you, which is in you. You have your life. You can live. You can have all that you need, and that is destined. But if you want more, you can only get it if you open yourself. Open your doors. A person has to open his heart to others” – Yogi Bhajan

Kriyas & Meditations for this month

Kriya 1
Balancing your jupiter and sun energy (11 min)
Balance the hemispheres of the brain, give you the space (expansion) to face your neurosis.
Library of teachings

Kriya 2
Nabhi Kriya for Prana / Apana (about 25 min)
Stimulate and balance the polarity prana / apana, bring the fire into the heart, awareness of the 5 pranas.
Library of teachings


Khalsa Mul Mantra (11 to 62 min)
Awareness of my words in connection to the 10 bodies. Am I faithful to my truth? or my limited self? By listening to the resonance of my words, I feel what I am faithful to. Recharge your aura, radiate, have a radiant glow, slow down the effects of aging.

Library of teachings

Details of the meditation:

Sit in a comfortable posture with your legs crossed. Stretch the spine, keep your back straight, and tuck your chin in slightly.
Put your hands in gyan mudra on your knees: the tips of your thumbs and index fingers touch each other; the rest of the fingers are extended, palms forward.

In this posture, chant the mūl mantra by extending the long syllables to empty the lungs (except on kartā purkh and jap):

Inhale deeply through the nose;

Ek ong kaaaaaaaaaaaar
Inhale deeply through the nose;
Sat naaaaaaaaaaaam
Inhale deeply through the nose;

Kartā purkh, 
exhale, then inhale deeply through the nose;


Inhale deeply through the nose;

Inhale deeply through the nose;
Akāl moooooooooooooraat

Inhale deeply through the nose;
Inhale deeply through the nose;

Inhale deeply through the nose;

Inhale deeply through the nose;
, exhale, then inhale deeply through the nose;
Ad sachhhhhhh
by completely emptying the lungs on the chhh sound, inhale deeply through the nose to start again.
Jugād sachhhhhhhhh
by completely emptying the lungs on the chhh sound, inhale deeply through the nose to start again.
Hai bhī sachhhhhhh
by completely emptying the lungs on the chhh sound, inhale deeply through the nose to start again.
Nānak hosī bhī sachhhhhhhh
by completely emptying the lungs on the chhh sound, inhale deeply through the nose to start again.

Each inspiration is complete, and each sentence must use all of the breath. The last four sentences end with the breath released by the mouth on the chhh sound like the sound of a whistling snake. It is on this precision that the effects of this meditation rest.

Continue for a minimum of 11 minutes. Then, day after day, increase the practice time to 31 minutes.

With enough experience, you can even go up to 11 whole cycles (a practice time between 45 minutes and an hour).

Finally, take a deep breath, pause the breath for a few seconds, then breathe out and relax the posture.

Chant Har Seva Mukh Amrit Naam (as long as you want)
When I serve God (higher/deeper self), my words become sweet and serve my truth.

Full moon, February 9

Conquer the fear of facing yourself
Integrate the part that I ignored in order to be loved, accepted, ….
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