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December 2020 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

From Yoni to Ajoonee
Embracing our forgotten parts and recovering our oneness
Honoring our journey on earth, honoring Life
Let’s play! We are our only obstacle

December … 12=1+2=3

December & 2020 … 1+2+2+0+2+0=7

1…2…3, December brings our attention to the projections and actions that shape our identity and that we deliver to the world.

Who is the “I” who will step-in 2021?  This “I” is essentially the result of how I filtered, judged, evaluated my experiences in 2020 and act/project upon them (3/7 axis in numerology).

Coming from oneness (1), we separated (2) and we incarnated, took a shape, a form (3), in order to make an experience and to (re)-discover our totality through the experience of life. We are an extension of the Divine that needs this earthly condition to discover itself. Through this separation, the one multiplies the possibilities of perceiving itself.

Our “duty” or dharma, as part of the Divine, and as a human being, is to have a fulfilling life and discover my forgotten parts. It is an exciting game to recover our totality, our innocence, and our inner joy! One condition is to accept that I am separated and the pain it induces. I ride a train on a unique trail and at a unique speed. Nobody can jump-in and I can neither jump in someone else’s train.

We came on earth equipped with an already-formatted disk. The information on this disk are lessons, or karma.  These are parts of ourselves to be yet discovered and for that we need the play of polarities, a mirror to contemplate our own self and reactivate the sleeping parts. The first step on that journey is gestation and birth.

“Freeing yourself from suffering is not about removing our problematic situations from everyday life, but about seeing them without comments. As light erases the shadow, the clear vision burns the known, no antagonistic perception can then remain. “ – Eric Baret

Through the experience of gestation and birth, result of the union of the polarities, entangled with the mother’s subconscious (fears, anger, frustrations, patterns, …), we could not take the totality of what we could potentially received and started already in the womb to exclude some experiences by labelling them unconsciously as bad, in opposition to the ones which we considered good. Basically, we continued to work in resonance to our karma in order to numb parts of ourselves and not be confronted to the challenging reality of separation. Within the nourishing loving womb, we received the juice of life as well as the “poison”, the “poison” being the solution to shed light on our karma!

At the time of birth, we are born with a reduced sensitivity lacking the experiences we rejected in the womb. Being tainted by this duality, parts of us stayed in the womb, attached to its nurturing quality and unable to face the separation. Conditioned and limited, we believe that we will die, the death being the other polarity of the birth.

The spiritual journey becomes the journey from the Yoni to Ajoonee and the consciousness of our mother during conception, gestation, and birth has a major impact on this journey.

In our life, we look for the missing parts since a part of us wants to rediscover the One. It is not by going back to the womb but by experiencing the tension of the separation in our physical body. We meet “by chance” people who will mirror those parts, providing an opportunity for us to activate them. This is especially true in our intimate relationships and if we are blessed to meet a teacher and commit to this relationship. These encounters automatically create a tension since they mirror the parts that we ignored and don’t want to see because they are painful (sadness, anger, frustrations, grief, shame, guilt, …). Sometimes, the tension is such that we deny this reflection by blaming the other. Our life is a mirror of who we are and each breath is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between me and me, bringing back home the lost fire and realizing Ek Ong Kar, I never left the One!

In life, we are on a path of recovery the forgotten oneness. Meeting the teacher(s) (Guru) is a big step. He/she will mirror much more forgotten parts and give us a possibility to accelerate the remembering. Gu (darkness) and Ru (light) illustrates this process of bringing consciousness or remembering my Sat Nam (true identity). BUT for that to work I need to commit to that relationship and do the job in order to integrate this information. In other words I need to qualify myself and to be ready to die to my old identifications.

Many students or practitioners want to grow but do not want to die. Many students want to get (the teachings) but they do not want to pay. Unfortunately nothing is for free. Believing otherwise is just a distraction to avoid ourselves. An excuse given at this stage might be to claim that our inner guidance or our inner teacher leads us to escape this tension. Sometimes formulated as “I need to respect myself”. Our inner Guru should recognize the inner process of transformation (from Gu to Ru), learn from it and apply the necessary changes. It is a constant dynamic of changes. It is moving from GU (the cave, the darkness, the Yoni) to RU (the light, the consciousness, AJOONEE). It is not to listen to an “intuition” or sensitivity filtered by our self-defense mechanism in order to stay in our comfort zone and stay in the illusion of oneness. Like in the womb, I deny part of myself to avoid what might be painful!

The fears block us. This is a very uncomfortable position. It is like to see a room with the light on but we decide to turn it off and forget that there is a possibility to switch the light on again. This affects our self-worth, our self-esteem, and might even brings us into a more elaborated scheme of strategies to cover these lies.

Through our practice, we increase our sensitivity and, supported by the frequency of the Aquarian Age, we understand at a deeper level what the teacher and intimate relationships reflect.

The change of frequency of the Aquarian Age has opened many new channels of information. We stepped into a new perception of space and time, offering the possibility to FEEL CONNECTED. All the online opportunities to practice and learn and to connect to different times and spaces simultaneously nourish practically this feeling of being connected.

Is that another strategy to avoid the separation?

WHAT ABOUT THE CONNECTION WITH OURSELVES? How do we infuse this new expanded field into our lives, through our words and actions? How does this new expanded field increase my compassion and service in my daily life?

The journey from Yoni to Ajoonee is not to escape life but to embrace it 100%. It is not about flying high in order not to be affected. We are going through a crisis and the restrictions imposed by governments due to the COVID affect the society in depth, bringing anxiety and fears about tomorrow. If we react personally to what is happening, we freeze our creativity. Ignoring the situation and believing that it does not concern us, is as well a personal reaction.

December is a time to celebrate our earthly journey, like the Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas. We were all born from the same womb, we can call it the Earth.

In ancient times, tribes or even civilizations would honor their origins. They would be very much connected to the cosmic forces, anchoring themselves into infinity, and they would be very much connected to the earth as well, anchoring them into the earthly cycles, like the seasons, the birth and death, the lunar cycles, … all expression of the cosmic forces.

Rituals helped them to remember their deepest origin (Ek) and to embrace the life paradox, becoming unlimited in a limited form.

The number 12, 1 = earth and 2 = water, is there for us to remember where we come from and honor it. By re-connecting to the earth and the water within us, we can release deeper memories of the Earth (our collective womb, Mother Earth), and memories of our previous life forms in water. Being a limb of the Ek (1), this personal reconnection is also a collective reconnection.

By re-connecting to our origins and honoring the life, we can access new areas of our psyche. Instead of living out of fears (I need to earn money, my children need to be educated, I need to be insured, I need a pension plan, …), we can rediscover the abundance of life. Our sexual energy, instead of being used to compensate our depression and fears, can nourish our creativity and compassion. This process can even be enjoyable and smooth.

Create your own rituals to honor your own birth, our collective birth, the birth of the earth, the birth of humanity. Let’s give Christmas a wider meaning 🙂

No need be serious or to be clever about it, call on your innocence, playfulness and creativity (3) to bring your heart into it.

Act from a place of gratefulness and eagerness to play life.

This attitude will nourish you and others and give you vitality.

From Yoni to Ajoonee the expansion is effortless. We are our only obstacle.

Mantra for the meditation for DELIGHT, DESTINY & CREATIVE FLOW IN LIFE

Kriyas and meditations

Pranayam – 11 min.

Seat in easy pose, back straight, gyan mudra. Inhale in 12 strokes through the nose, LEFT NOSTRIL, repeat mentally 3 times SA TA NA MA, Hold your breath repeating mentally 3 times SA TA NA MA, Exhale in 12 strokes through the nose, RIGHT NOSTRIL, repeat mentally 3 times SA TA NA MA.

Stimulate our pranic body and use this new flow of prana and blood to readjust our inner clocks of all our systems (respiratory, glandular, nervous, …). Impact the body, mind and spirit levels.

Kriya SEXUAL NERVE STRENGTHabout 20 min.

Circulates the sexual energy in our whole body, stimulates our regenerative and creative forces. Uses our polarities to expand our capacity to taste life fully.


The duality that separates our finite and infinite Self is removed by the flow and structure of the mantra, Haree Naam. The two realms become one in consciousness; things seem to run to us. We do not need to chase what we are already part of. This mudra connects you to our primal potential (as a seed) without any filter. It gives us the possibility to remove the distractions that came between me and Me and recover our full projective power from our infinite.

“The fact is, in the beginning we were, now we are and always we shall be in the same spirit. Wherever we are, we are born to conquer time and space. We are born to bring delight, happiness and grace to the human race […] There is nothing more precious than you! There’s nothing more precious than how you can enjoy within you your very you. It’s a very fabulous gift!” – Yogi Bhajan


Meditation GUPT KAMAL GYAAN MUDRA  – 31 min.

Gupt (Cave, darkness)
Kamal (Lotus)
Gyan (Knowledge)

Bring into light what was triggered during 2020 but yet too confronting for us to completely digest these reactions.

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