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August 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

Boundaries & Body

Authority & Approval

Authority & Violence

Boundaries and Body

8 does not have boundaries. Prana is everywhere and all action, possibility, piece of creation will be fed by it. Prana does not discriminate and goes to nourish what is there and what attracts it. It gives the quality of growth or of calamity to what it touches. The earth can be a place of grounding and one of earthquakes. The water can be relaxing or a tsunami. 8 is karmic and gives back in the same form that generated the action.

8 is therefore related to power in general, as well as lack and abuse of it.

8 is healing because there are no boundaries to block the flow of life. At the same time, 8 is control because our mind needs to place boundaries/limits and make rules to make sense of the natural tension caused by the constant change that we cannot accept and constantly try to correct.

This year (2+0+2+1=5), 5, the number of the physical body, tells us where the experience is. Through the breath, one of the expressions of Prana and the one that keeps us alive, the body sends us important messages. As soon as we change our breath pattern, we change the flow of Prana in us. Our emotions and thoughts change consequently.

Our body stores memories of the past, allows us an experience of awareness in the present, and use the mind to project into the future, adapting even its movements and features to the structure and thoughts of the mind.

It is through the body that we have a big chance to change our karmic actions and upgrade the quality of our life by redirecting the Prana with awareness.

This month is a lot about boundaries. The boundaries that we put to feel safe, the boundaries that are put by the outside world and to which we bow or rebel, the desire to escape the boundaries placed by the uncontrollable and, for many, limiting events of the past two years.

But wherever there are boundaries there is as well our chance to experience freedom. Freedom is not the absence of boundaries. It is the capacity to let the Prana flow, surfing on the tension of the reality as it is rather than adding up our own limits and conditions to try to change it.

When we allow the tension to exist and we do not choose sides, automatically the Prana will take the diagonal way to keep flowing, bringing healing and harmony there where we thought it could not exist. The boundaries become therefore the blessing and the door to our freedom.

Authority and Approval

8, being connected to prana and power, reflects our relationship to authority and our own authority. The moment we look for approval, we place this authority in the hands of people we sometimes don’t even know!

We constantly disapprove ourselves through self-judgment and comparison. We therefore need to compensate by looking for approval and acceptance in others. Our choices become determined not by what we aspire to but how we will be judged if we say or do this or that. The social medias increase this tendency with a constant and instant evaluation / feedback. Because of our fear to be rejected, and of our need to belong and be accepted, we prefer to shut down our profound desires and intuition to fit in and cultivate this temporary safety based on childhood stories.

“The soul is a slave to none” – YB

8 is as well the constant flow of prana, constant flow of life. This flow needs the polarities to happen, like our inhale and exhale.

The automatic reaction of our subconscious (negative mind) is to block any new information to keep us safe. Being safe means staying in a comfort zone where my limited identified self, my ego, stays in a familiar environment. This subconscious reaction limits very much the spectrum we experience in life as well as our creativity.

It costs us a lot of prana in reactions to keep these blocks: frustrations, pain, sadness, resentment, negativity, … and we suffocate.

This month, we are invited to show vulnerability as a solution!

Vulnerability is not about putting ourselves in precarious situations where we can be hurt by others. Vulnerability is to open ourselves to our own subconscious reactions when we go beyond our comfort zone: shame, guilt, feeling not qualified or not enough, …. Vulnerability is to see the beauty and love in others, instead of their wish to put us down.

It requires courage and trust.

Courage to follow our aspiration and face the unknow.

Trust that we will have the resources to manage the situation.

Our shame, feeling inadequate, not qualified, … are not enemies, they are friends that bring us wood to keep our soul warm. Facing these tensions allows us to open the gate of an infinite source of prana from the unconscious that we call infinite or God.

This month, take some risks to follow your aspirations and expose yourself.

Expose yourself “naked” to others.

Face the bubbling of the subconscious.

And elevate yourself from your own inner process.

Only YOU can approve you.

Authority and violence

Authority is very connected to obedience and legitimacy.

It is a topic very much experienced in the parent – children relationship.

Sometimes we say of a parent who uses physical, verbal or psychological violence that he or she is authoritarian but it is actually quite the opposite. We need to use violence when we are powerless, and our authority or legitimacy is put in question.

It happens when there is actually a lack of natural authority or self-authority. As parents we experience through a situation that requires a limit to revisit our childhood and the times when we felt powerless.

To gain true power is to acknowledge all the time when we felt powerless!

When we don’t have self-authority, which means obedience to our own soul then we lose legitimacy towards others because we vibrate incoherence within ourselves. In other terms, our words and our inner feelings don’t match, and the outside will react to mirror that distance.

Using violence is just a way to take the outside as hostage of our own subconscious to validate our inner self-made scenario and to reproduce a karma that has often been going on for hundreds or thousands of years in our family lineages.

The key is to recognize when in a situation we feel powerless. In this inner feeling lies the capacity to find back the boundary we could not validate in childhood, and this gives us natural innate power, legitimacy and authority.



Adjust your flow, the 4 U’s for you, about an hour.

Discover where you block life. Where are your unnecessary boundaries?


Experience the gift of life, 3 to 31 min.

Expand the ether element, expand your container & your capacity to receive!

Shadow of mental projections, 11 to 31 min.

Prosperity as an alignment of the conscious mind and the unconscious

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