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Agni means « fire » in sanskrit. it is one of the most revered deity in the hymns of the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of India. Central to many traditions, Fire is a part of the practices of Yoga, Tantra, Alchemy, Shamanism and Sufism.

The flame is very much like the fire of love burning inside each and every one ‘s heart. A mystical element that blends our opposite polarities, transforming our gross elements into more refined and delicate ones.

In certain paths it is awakened directly from the inside. In Hatha yoga it is awakened through posture, breath and concentration. In Bhakti Yoga it is awakened through devotional chanting. In some lineages of Sufism, it is awakened only by the presence of the teacher.

In other traditions like Alchemy or Vedic rituals, the external sacred fire is used as a way to relate to the inner light.
The rituals of the Vedas are called Yagyas or Homas. Based on the natural laws of the universe, they resonate with our inner self and can be a powerful catalyst of our transformation. The most basic and yet essential ritual coming from Ayurveda is called AGNI HOTRA.

Consciously relating to the qualities of the Sun at Sunrise & Sunset, through the flame and the smoke we saturate our surroundings with a very high quality prana.
This specific practice has been revived and actualized in the 20th century by a vedic master called Shree Gajanan Maharaj and largely spread by his disciple Shree Vasant .

Their motto was “ Heal the atmosphere and the environment will heal you”

It is practiced worldwide for:
– physical, mental and spiritual health.
– agriculture as “Homa farming” and contributes to align ourselves with the subtle energies of nature : the Devas, healing our relationship with the earth on a deep level.

The modern name for this movement is “Homa Therapy”.