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A team of teachers and trainers dedicated to serve and uplift you all over the world!

Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, France, Serbia, Taiwan, and Turkey.


Ajai Alai Awakening

Directors of Ajai Alai Awakening and Lead Trainers

Satmukh Singh, Sat Sarbat Kaur and Fateh Singh.

Ajai Alai Awakening supports and trains a team of TRAINERS IN TRAINING (TNTs).

Mentoring Leads, Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh are in charge of the TNTs within AAA.

Trainers in Training (TNTs) around the world

TNTs are part of the Aquarian Trainer Academy (ATA). The ATA provides the system, tools, resources, and support for the development and qualification of Level One Trainers. The purpose of the Academy is to cultivate and fully realise the talents and attributes of each individual who is called to be a Teacher Trainer, while maintaining quality and consistency in training.


AAA programs in North Australia: Arjan Hari Kaur (Carolina), Brisbane, Email / Website

I am so grateful to be a TNT in AAA. I have a deep connection with my mentor who is like a light in front of me. I can see the truth and love in that light which inspires me to share with others.

– Dharamjot Kaur, China


Dharamjot Kaur (Shenzhen)

Daman Prakash Kaur and Sat Tara Kaur (Kunming)

Arti Kaur, Tara Shakti Kaur, Ong Kaur, Siri Datta Kaur, Manjeet Gian Kaur, Darshandev Kaur.

AAA Active Members : Liv Sangat Kaur, Atma Akal Kaur, Tiagadev Kaur.

AAA programs in China: Email

Since I joined the AAA TNTs team, I have been deeply impressed by the community spirit during the trainings and the invitation to serve one another. I understood what it means to serve as a teacher.

– Anantjeet Kaur, China

In AAA, I am closer to myself, living in Sat Nam, saying what I have done, doing what I have said

– Sat Tara Kaur, China


Dharam Kaur (Lyon), Govind Bhajan Singh (Drôme), Nav Jiwan Kaur, Sat Pavan Singh (Normandie), Siri Avtar Singh (Rennes)

AAA programs in France: Email

The AAA teachers inspire me with their heart and integrity. They let me feel the flow of life. Since I have been part of the team, I started to appreciate life more and have the courage to go out and teach. They keep accompany me on my journey to remind me that love is endless.

– Dhyan Sadhana Kaur, Taiwan

As a TNT team, we realized that we are on the same bright path together. It was a pleasure for us to serve and to be a part of this growing consciousness in Turkey. We especially realized our own filters of reality and saw the importance to let them go to serve others. Our motto in this training was How can I better serve people? Being there as a TNT was a completely different facet of this journey.

– Akal Sahai Kaur, Turkey


Sujandev Kaur (Tainan)

Sukh Atma Kaur (Taipei)

Indra Kaur (Taizhong)

Ad Shant Kaur, Dhyan Sadhana Kaur, Darshan Dev Kaur.

AAA Active Members : Sita Naam Kaur, Seva Dayal Kaur.

AAA programs in Taiwan:
Level 1 & 2: Email
21 Stages of Meditation: Email
SunChild: Email

It was our third Ajai Alai Awakening Level 1 Teacher Training in Turkey. We were a big group of 23 bright students and 7 committed TNTs with 2 inspiring and courageous teachers! It was my first TNT experience after completion of the L1 and L2 Trainings. This journey took more than four years and has transformed completely me and my life …

… I have always seen the transformative effects of these trainings, the incredible values to my life, the changing and growing Sangat in Turkey, but for the first time I realized how much we all have changed personally since the beginning and how much it has affected the consciousness in my country. Now I can dream the future clearly.
– Akal Sahai Kaur, Turkey


Akal Sahai Kaur, Dyaljeet Singh, Sach Devah Kaur.

AAA programs in Turkey: Email
Facebook: @kundaliniyogaturkey
Instagram: @kundaliniyogaturkey

Sat Sarbat, co-founder of AAA

Meet the team

Satmukh Singh
Satmukh Singh is a Kundalini Research Institute certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer for Level 1 and Level 2 programs, and Mentoring Lead. He founded Ajai Alai Awakening with Sat Sarbat Kaur.
Fateh Singh
Fateh singh is a Yogi, healer and teacher trainer who lives in France. He started Kundalini Yoga in his early twenties. Inspired and truly grateful to have found such a treasure, he became a teacher in 2003.
Sat Sarbat Kaur
Sat Sarbat is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. She offers KRI teacher trainings in several countries in Asia, Australia and Europe.
Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa
Dharamjot Kaur is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher Level 1 and 2 and Kundalini Yoga teacher for children. After years of dedicated seva, she started to work for full time AAA in 2015.