Naad and Sound Healing

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Naad & Sound Healing Training

The Spirit of the Guru is carried in 2 ways: The Sangat and Shabd Guru. Love is in silence and deep sound. It has no word.

Module : Immerse Yourself in Sound

The power of your voice! Heal yourself and others


* Learn how to breathe as a Yogi – Relax your diaphragm muscle
* Breathing and chanting
* What is a mantra? – Effect of mantras – Science of the Naad
* How to chant the mantras – Vocal exercises
* Find your own voice – How to project yourself through your voice – Your voice: a tool for transformation
* How to lead the chanting in a group
* Connection between sound, mantras and emotions
* Use chanting as a tool to develop your meditative mind/space
* Practice special kriyas and meditations to open and connect your navel, heart and throat chakras
* How to use chanting and your voice to heal yourself and others.

« Shabd » means sound, « Guru » means teacher. The Shabd Guru “cuts” away the ego which obstructs the truth from you. Our soul is a vibration, this is why we love so much « sounds ». Sounds are psycho-active events that are rooted in the body and give roots to the sense of self. Our body needs a rhythm. Rhythm increases our sense of balance, of control of our movements and our general well-being. The Spirit of the Guru is carried in two ways : in the Sangat and in the Shabd.

Module : Deepen Yourself in Sound

Learn to Play Harmonium & Chant mantras


* Background of Harmonium
* How to chant & play mantras along with the Harmonium
* How to use the Harmonium as a tool to explore your voice and to chant mantras
* Rhythm training and basic musicology in order to effectively train the harmonium skills and naad.
* Learn to play the harmonium and to chant Kundalini Yoga mantras, especially the sadhana mantras
* How to integrate Harmonium in chanting and teaching Kundalini Yoga, especially for the sadhana mantras
* How to do music concert
* How to use Harmonium to develop meditative mind/space
* Meditative healing
* How to repair/fix harmonium
* How to use Harmonium for daily practice