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Ajai Alai & Kundalini Yoga Festivals

Kundalini yoga, a lifestyle for Health and Prosperity. A path toward a new sense of community open to all!

European Kundalini Yoga Festival

Where: France, Mur-de-Sologne

When: Every year 10 days in July / August, 3 days white tantra (White Tantra), about 3000 participants.
More information: www.3ho-europe.org

Australian Kundalini Yoga Festival

When: 2019 October 04 – 07

Where: Sydney, Mangrove Yoga Ashram (1,5 hours drive)

All information on www.kundaliniyogafestival.com.au


Austrian Kundalini Yoga Festival

When: 2019 June 19-23

Where: Austria, Tamanga

All information on Facebook.

Summer Solstice

Every year 10 days in June, 3 days white tantra (www.whitetantricyoga.com), about 2000 participants.
More information: www.3ho.org/summer-solstice

Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival – NEW FORMAT!

Spirit of the Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festivals

We are very happy to announce that The Chinese Kundalini Yoga Festival will continue in 2019 with a new format! Since 2012, date of the first Festival, the main highlights of the festival have been the possibility for the Chinese Sangat to meet in a neutral event, to serve each other, and to celebrate together. Instead of meeting in one place and having a big gathering in 2019, we invite you to organize your own Festival in your own city at a common time: July 12-13-14. In order to keep the high spirit of the Festival and to guarantee a pure intention and a clear focus, we have written guidelines which have been approved by all the lead trainers in China. Please read them carefully and if you feel inspired, please contact … who is the coordinator of the CKYF.

The Festivals are community event based on selfless service (seva) which means that the organisation is based on voluntary work to serve the community. The festival belongs to the community and all Kundalini Yoga schools and centers in China are welcome to participate.

The Festivals are an opportunity to experience what is Kundalini Yoga, its life-style and the values of a dharmic life according to the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The diversity of themes and teachers makes the festival a great opportunity to discover Kundalini Yoga and also to deepen your practice. It also offers a family space and includes a children camp.

The Festivals are also a place to give an opportunity for local teachers to share their experience and teach workshops on topics that inspire them.

The Festivals will aim at invite teachers & students from all teams to be on the organizational committee and in seva groups. Focus on connecting the Kundalini Yoga students and building trusting communities.

We believe that such an event carries important values to inspire a society of service, respect and love.


Financial transparency:

* The teachers are not paid.

* There is no commission system for people taking registration. So if you motivate people to come, it will be pure Seva and an opportunity for you to heal and grow!

* If there is some benefits:

– The team of organizers gets 11% of the benefit to compensate their efforts.

– 11% will be given the national committee for coordination of the local events.

– The rest will be reinvested in next year festival or in seva projects to the benefit of the whole community of Chinese teachers and students. The local Festival committee will decide how to proceed in complete transparency.


* The Festivals are OPEN events. Everybody is welcome and any Kundalini Yoga programs can be promoted during the festival. Feel free to bring flyer and posters, as a place will be organized for promotional materials.

* The Festivals will be promoted under the same name:


* A common logo to all events will be used (like the one above).

* A dedicated Wechat platform will be used to promote all the Festivals.

* Local Wechat groups can be created to promote the local festival and share information but NO PROMOTION will be done on the wechat group dedicated to the festival except for the festival.


reading the guru

The Festivals should include, beside the classes and workshops

* An opportunity for the participants to do seva (for example by serving the meals, preparing the food, …);

* The Aquarian Sadhana

* A children camp

* Some games or playful activities (Celestial Communication, …)





In order to keep the festival spirit, we need all to agree on some basic principles.

Thank you to read carefully the following points.


  1. All teachers are Level One graduates in good standing with KRI.
  2. As a teacher, you commit to respect the schedule of your workshop, starting on time and finishing on time.
  3. As a teacher, you commit to promote the festival among your students and invite them to participate and if they wish to take more responsibilities in the promotion and in the organization of the Festival.
  4. No promotion of any programs is done on the stage where you will teach your workshop. If you want to promote your programs at the festival,a place will be organized for promotional materials. You can also have a table at the bazaar to display your promotional materials but keep in mind that the priority at the festival is the collective spirit. The size and the graphic used for any poster displayed on the wall should be reasonable. The festival keeps the right to ask you to remove them if it is too big or too much focus on a teacher/person rather than on the teachings. Please send your poster(s) to the festival committee if you have any doubt.
  5. Pictures and videos taking during the festival belong to the festival and cannot be used for personal/business promotion as it goes against the core of the festival values.
  6. All teachers agree to comply with the Code of Excellence of the International 3HO organization and KRI.



Day 1: Body, Foundation

Day 2: Mind, Transformation

Day 3: Spirit, Realization


We invite teachers to come together and build up team to teach together the classes and the workshops. To invite a community spirit among the participants, starting on the stage by teaching together is a great source of inspiration.

July 12, DAY 1, Body, Foundation

11:00/13:00 Welcome & Presentation with all teachers / meditation or short kriya

13:00/14:30 Lunch / Bazar

14:30/16:30 KY workshop “Body, Foundation”

16:30/17:00 Break

17:00 (end children camp) Tunnel of love with children or celestial communication with them

17:15/18:00 Lecture: How to take care of the body in KY (Ishnaan, diet, …) + short kriya/meditation

18:00/19:30 Dinner / Bazar

20:00/21:00 Chanting / Healing Mediation

Children camp: 15:00 to 17:00

July 13, DAY 2, Mind, Transformation

4:30/7:00 Aquarian Sadhana

7:15/8:15 Seva (depends on how the festival is organized)

8:30 Breakfast (can be earlier depending on the seva)

10:00/10:45 Small group – Check-in / Game / Group Activities

11:00/13:00 KY workshop “Mind, Transformation”

13:00/14:30 Lunch / Bazar

14:30/16:00 KY class “Mind, Transformation”

16:00/16:30 Break

16:30 (end children camp) Tunnel of love with children or celestial communication with them

16:45/18:00 Lecture: What is meditation? Why it is needed? What are the benefits? … + short kriya/meditation

18:00/19:30 Dinner / Bazar

20:00/21:00 Chanting the mantra “Har Harey Haree” for 62 min (jappa)

Children camp: 10:00 to 16:30 with 13:00 – 14:30 lunch break (children go back with their parents)

July 14, DAY 3, Spirit, Realization

4:30/7:00 Aquarian Sadhana

7:15/8:15 Seva (depends on how the festival is organized)

8:30 Breakfast (can be earlier depending on the seva)

10:00/10:45 Small group – Check-in / Game / Group Activities

11:00/13:00 KY workshop “Spirit, Realization”

13:00/14:30 Lunch / Bazar

14:30/16:00 Final gathering, celebration!

Children camp: 10:00 to 13:00