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There are all kinds of Homas in the vast tradition of Sanatana Dharma. The rituals can be extremely precise and sophisticated. It is often related to the subtle movements of the planets and the Sanskrit mantras might be very long and complex. Yet we don’t need to be expert brahmins to relate to the sacred fire. Therefore, the purpose here is to present 2 Homa practices that are essentials and easily accessible. They can be used anytime and everywhere.


It is the opening prayer for every other Homa as well as a complete Homa on its own when practiced alone.
You can lit a fire in a your copper pyramid and offer a drop of ghee to the fire on each SWAHA of the mantra:

Bhuh swaha Agnaye idam na mama
Bhuwah swaha Wayave idam na mama
Swah swaha sooryaaya idam na mama
Bhuh Bhuwah swah swaha prajaapataye idam na mama

Practiced on its own it will open the way and bless the birth of new projects or intentions. It invokes the alignment of the different realms of your being governed by the fire (Agni), the wind (Vayu) and the sun (Soorya) to the cosmic order and flow. “Idam na mama” means ‘this is not mine.’ It is equivalent to “Not my will but thy will be done,” of the Bible.

You need to recite the mantra only once.

Then you can stay in silent meditation until the fire cease or start with your specific Homa.


Agnihotra establishes the basic cycle, Tryambakam Homa and the other healing fires will help to strengthen that cycle. This sacred fire is done with the Maha Mritunjaya mantra, an ancient sound from the Rig Veda.
You can lit a fire in a your copper pyramid and offer a drop of ghee to the fire on each SWAHA of the mantra:

Om Tryambakaï Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardanam
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaat
Mrityormuksheeya maamritat Swaha

It is very healing. Calling on the energy of Shiva or dissolution it burns the blocks that stand on our way.
It is an alchemical mantra that has the power to transmute patterns, illnesses, attachments, bondage so we can realize and contemplate the full radiance of our soul. It is also a very beneficial mantra for plant life.To experience its depth, recite it at least 108 times. It can be recited at anytime for as long as you wish. For Homa farming it is recited 4 hours daily.

If one needs to conserve on cowdung, a minimal amount of it may be used, but some cowdung should be added at least every fifteen minutes.