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PERSONAL INTUITIVE GUIDANCE: inspiration, guidance and support with Satmukh and Sat Sarbat. A mirror to your intuitive self and an encounter with yourself.

Online or live. English, German, and French.

Ajai Alai Awakening


with Sat Sarbat & Satmukh
– 140€

What to expect?

The foundation of our guidance is a deep listening. Supported by your birthdate and different calculations from the Aquarian Numerology, we engage a dialogue with you. The numbers become alive through our exchange and we put into words what you need to hear at that moment. It is uplifting to realize a truth which could be felt but not trusted. It might be challenging at some time, but since you chose it, you are ready to listen. By pointing at your deepest nature, you feel at home with yourself.

Through our guidance, you will:

• gain deep insights about your life. • find ways to remove what blocks you. • recognize your strategies and subconscious patterns. Why do you fall into the same traps? What makes you attract the life and relationships you have. • get courage and confidence to be faithful to yourself. • see clearly what to do to regain quality in your life.

The real gift of the Aquarian Numerology that it is fast, simple, accurate, and straight to the point. It is common that it takes weeks, months, or even years of re-listening to the consultation recording that we will give you to digest fully its different layers and meanings.

A numerology consultation is followed by a suggestion of a kriya and/or meditation.

STEP 1: Intuitive guidance by numbers – Numerology consultation

with Sat Sarbat & Satmukh
1 session of 1h00-1h15
See above for details.

STEP 2: Following-up & integration

with Sat Sarbat or Satmukh
4 sessions of 45 min each (or 3 hours in total),
ideally planned within the following 2-3 months after the consultation.

Step 1 + Step 2 = 5 sessions in total: 390€

The Numerology consultation gives you a large picture of your conscious and unconscious dynamics at play in your life and you might wish further guidance to digest its impact and infuse gradually the changes that it implies.

Each session of the follow-up, we choose together a specific topic which the priority for you at that moment. We look specifically how this topic is manifested in your numerology chart and explore its ramifications in your life. We listen to the resonance within your body. Through this listening and meditative space, we invite a new perspective and new awareness that include your physical, mental and emotional levels. Each session is different and adapted to your needs at that moment. You might receive further specific practices to integrate the shift.

with Sat Sarbat or Satmukh
(45 min – 1h00)
– 90€

Connected to a current obstacle or block that you face in your life, we will identify the specific kriya or meditation that will help you to overcome it according to your specific energetical constitution. By overcoming it we mean first to be in relationship with that block, then use the pressure to expand your awareness, and finally dissolve it through the you Agni (fire of your presence).

with Sat Sarbat & Satmukh
– 190€

What to expect?

Marriage is the highest yoga! Committed relationships can bring a high level of tension, because it mirrors and brings light on the part of us that we want to keep in the dark. The game of polarities is sometimes very creative and playful, and sometimes very confronting and destructive. This destructive power is very necessary for us to remove the layers of self-betrayal, self-denial, self-sabotage, … and grow as a couple. These periods of tension can be a true window to change gear on our relationships and become more truthful to ourselves and to each other.

From our experience, there are moments in a relationship when both karma of the partners reach their peak and resonate strongly with each other. It becomes very difficult to see what belongs to whom. We are so entangled in our projections on our partner that we cannot see her/him  for who she/he is. We are constantly reacting to the present moment from past experiences, memories and wounds, and not to what is really happening. We might become defensive, aggressive, or we might withdraw.

The foundation of our guidance is a deep listening. Supported by your both birthdates and different calculations from the Aquarian Numerology, we engage a dialogue with both of you to identify what are the lessons that want to be manifested through this tension. Once we embrace this tension without reacting to it, we can see the blessings behind, the opportunity for personal growth and for serving our partner’s destiny. Guru can be translated as a dynamic from darkness (Gu) to light (Ru). Bringing consciousness into these dynamics allow us to recognise the Guru in the relationship and reaffirm our commitment.

Through our guidance, you will:

• take back the responsibility of your projections and judgments, … by accepting and contemplating your inner tensions.

• recognise the needs behind the needs.

• recognise the entanglement of your strategies and your subconscious patterns with the ones of your partner.

• give more place to the moment by moment relationship. Relearning to relate instead of reacting.


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    About the Aquarian Numerology

    Numbers and their dynamic are an expression of the natural laws at the individual, collective and universal levels.

    Through our birth-date, we can find a lot of information about who we are, information that is not conscious and might take a lifetime to discover and to be manifested. The calculations from our birth-date give us deep insights about our essence, challenges, gift and tools that we can use for our growth. It brings us clarity about our destiny or the minimum we have to achieve in this life.

    At a broader level, numbers are hidden behind any cycle or dynamic movement in life. We find them behind the seasons, the cycle of the 5 elements in Chinese medicine, our life-cycles from birth to death, a kriya, our spiritual path and its 5 stages called Padas, a period of 40 days sadhana and so on. Numbers are everywhere, helping us to understand at the subtle level our deepest experience of life.

    We are an individual expression of the Universal creative flow, which means that we follow the same principles (Ek-1 Ong-2 Kar-3). The Yogis have been meditating on the connection between Macro-cosmos and Micro-cosmos and realized that we are ruled by the same principles. Observing the Macro helps to understand the Micro and observing the Micro helps to understand the Macro. That is how the Yogi realized that we are one, we are like a wave belonging to a vast ocean, an Infinite pulse within a Finite body. Numbers reflect that connection as well, help us to unveil the universal and personal truth (Sat Nam-4).

    Aquarian Numerology is a precious tool to bring consciousness into your life and the life of our students, friends and family! It brings the unconscious into light, helping us to become the leader of our lives, and create a better tomorrow, instead of being driven by destructive impulses.