Special Retreat Turkey, Sufi Roots of Kundalini Yoga

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Special Retreat Turkey, Sufi Roots of Kundalini Yoga

10 March - 13 March
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Ajai Alai Awakening


Kundalini Yoga and Sufism

Yogi Bhajan: “So that is what it represents. It is said to be Adi Shakti, we call it Khanda. Akhand, means which cannot be divided. Khand means, which can be divided. Therefore man is divided in Ida and Pingala, in Sun and Moon. Man is divided from God, as creatures from the Creator. Therefore when a Khalsa is baptized we stir the water, the sustainer of life with a iron Khanda as a symbol to put the energy into the water and to energize it to make it a nectar, in the system of Amrit given by Guru Gobind Singh was to transform ordinary water, the sustainer of life into nectar of the spirit. That is why five different people read five Gurbani with stirring that thing, you understand its symbolic meaning? And then all those who join that brotherhood they are given and the word Khalsa means pure. Whatever you mean by the word Sufi, that is what you mean by a Khalsa, exactly no difference between the two at all meaning wise literally, means pure one. Khalsa means?”
Students: “The pure one”.


Fateh Singh.

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Start: 10 March
End: 13 March
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Venue Name: AAA Istanbul
Address: Bursa, Turkey
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Organizer Name: Ajai Alai Awakening

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