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Niveau 2 France, Stress et Vitalité

11 February - 16 February
  • This event has passed.
Ajai Alai Awakening



Cultivate the caliber to guide yourself and others through life’s challenges:

• The physical body as the temple and the messenger. Personality and energy of the organs and balance of the nervous and glandular systems.

• Introduction to Ayurveda as a holistic health system. The 6 flavours and their impact on consciousness.

• The different forms of Agni, digestive fire. Connection with the electromagnetic field and your emotional and mental stability.

• The mechanism of stress, identification of stress patterns and tools to reduce them.

• What is Cold Depression and ways to overcome it.

• The concept of excitement, expansion, containment, completion, and integration applied to your life and the dynamic of a kriya / meditation.

• Amrit or how to recognise the real source of vitality, the nectar: the connection to your soul!

During this module, we look at the human body in a very holistic way and explore every day one of the elements in a given sequence, the energetics of the kriyas, the organs and glands affected, the meridians, the food, the nadis, the true nature of that element and how it interferes and interacts with your whole system. You will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you will learn how to listen to your physical body, how the stress affects your balance (physically, energetically, and spiritually), and how to recover vitality from your own core.

40-day preparation: Kitcheree diet and a meditation for 11 to 31 minutes.


Satmukh Singh and Fateh Singh.

Registration & Fees


Per module: Early Bird: 875€ / Full price: 925€.

2 modules (same year): 1700€.

Couple, 25% discount for one of the partner.



Start: 11 February
End: 16 February
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Venue Name: AAA France
Address: 142 Route du Vauvret
La Chapelle Naude, 71500 France

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Organizer Name: Ajai Alai Awakening

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