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Kundalini Alchemy aims at sharing and integrating the Kundalini teachings in tune with the sensitivity, consciousness, and frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

Kundalini Alchemy brings together a team of seekers and experienced yoga trainers to offer kundalini trainings of a different scope. The main focus is to deepen your experience and knowledge of Kundalini yoga. It enhances the individual growth in a collective dynamic and promotes self-qualification.

There is nowhere to reach and there is no one to become. We believe that we simply need to discover ourselves and take the responsibility for who we are. The inner teacher will reveal itself once we burn our false identities and are able to listen. If you believe that the validation of knowledge/experience through a certificate is obsolete, then this journey is for you.

Kundalini Alchemy Training

Why to join this training?

  • You want to deepen your Kundalini Yoga practice
  • You are willing to let go, heal, and flow with life
  • You are eager to learn more about yoga and experience its lifestyle
  • You are touched by the teachings and want to expand your sensitivity & awareness
  • You are ready to change gear and discover your full potential

Kundalini Alchemy One’s emphasis is on techniques but it is an invitation for self-study, self-observation, and shunya. Just be you! It might also awaken the wish to share with others what you benefitted from. We will invite you to follow your inner guidance and share the teachings in a simple and natural way without pretending to become a spiritual teacher. You decide when you are ready and you validate yourself. We are here to support.

For whom?


Structure of the training?

From February to November, the training is composed of 7 STAGES with Online Modules recorded and live, Zoom Online weekend and one Immersion Retreat.

We will support you on this journey of self-discovery by offering time for individual guidance and live sessions for questions and answers.

More than 40 hours of Online recorded videos (about 2-3 sessions of 40 to 60 min per week).
More than 25 hrs of Zoom Live: practice, Q&A, teaching, and group work;
Online Immersion Weekend in May (3 days live together on Zoom),
Retreat in Turkey- Antalya (6 days),
Personal practice (After each of the 7 stages, from 11 to 31 min a day).

Easy to use!

For the Online recorded sessions, we use a professional platform called Teachable or something very similar.

Each video will be completed by links to YouTube videos on the topic, pdf documents, personal notes, books, …

Each video offers a space for written questions that we will answer as soon as possible on the same space.

For the live Q&A sessions, kundalini yoga practice, and the Zoom Immersion weekend, we will use Zoom. These sessions will be recorded and added to teachable for you to watch them on your own. Very useful as well if you miss a session.


Stage 1: STEP-IN Free access







Agni Meditation

Recorded online videos:
Introduction of Kundalini Alchemy One
What is Kundalini Yoga
Meditate with us

Zoom Live:
Online personal interview
Let’s meet together & check-in
Kundalini Yoga practice
Recorded online videos:
Basics of Kundalini Yoga to start a healthy practice
Practice for Feb/March (40 days)
Sadhana + prepare yourself for the practice
Different breathing technics (1)
Different breathing technics (2)
Locks and alignment (1) Theory
Locks and alignment (2) Practicum
Nervous system & Glandular system
Postures 1 (a)
Postures 1 (b)
Basic mantras

Zoom Live:
Kundalini Yoga practice
Recorded online videos:
Practice for March/April (40 days)
3 gunas
10 bodies (1)
10 bodies (2)
Postures 2 (a)
Postures 2 (b)
8 Chakras
5 pranas (theory)
5 pranas (practicum)
Breathing system & circulatory system
Kundalini Energy
Agni & digestive system
Yogic diet/Ayurveda (1)
Yogic diet/Ayurveda (2)

Zoom Live:
Japji (1)
Japji (2)
Mantras meaning
Gurus/Mul Mantra/10 Bodies
Shabd Guru & Naad (1)
Shabd Guru & Naad (2)
Aquarian Sadhana & Long Ek Ong Kar
Siri Guru Granth Sahib
2,5 hrs chanting meditation
Postures 3 (1)
Postures 3 (2)
Practice until step 5 …

Zoom Live:
Kundalini Yoga practice
Recorded online videos:
Introduction to the mind
What is meditation?
How to meditate?
Mind & Patanjali
Aquarian Sutras
bana, bani, seva, simran
Postures 4 (1)
Postures 4 (2)
Muscular system & spine
Practice until step 6 …

Zoom Live:
Kundalini Yoga practice
Recorded online videos:
History of yoga
Cosmic cycles & Aquarian Age
Ladder of subtlety
Humanology (1)
Humanology (2)
Sharing the teachings
Postures 5 (1)
Postures 5 (2)
Practice until step 7 …

6-day retreat in Turkey – Antalya, opportunity to deepen our experiences and explore in depth selected topics according to the energies of the moment.

Final Zoom Q&A at the end of the training.

Where & When?

K. Alchemy will take place in 2021 (Feb to Nov) Online and in Turkey.

The training will be offer in ENGLISH.
The Online weekend Retreat of Stage 4 will take place in May 7-8-9 on Zoom.

The Immersion Retreat of stage 7 will take place in Turkey-Antalya in September 17-22.


Stage 1 is for free. Watching the videos of the Stage 1 will help you to decide if you want to commit for the full training. But if you are already there, we are sure that you will be willing to continue your journey!

Stage 2 to 7.

Discounted price (a): 1180 Euros
Regular price: 1480 Euros
Supporter price (b): 1680 Euros

(a) Students, people in financial stress, low salary, …
(b) Your generosity helps us to keep a discounted price and let this training accessible for people who have low income.

Instalments: to be arranged with your contact person (bottom page).

Stage 7 – IMMERSION RETREAT in Turkey:

Food and lodging for the ALCHEMY IMMERSION RETREAT in Turkey-Antalya

Location: THE LAND

On the 17, we will start at 10AM and finish at 2PM on the 22.

16.09 – 22.09 (6 nights)
Private room = 369 Euros
Shared Room for 2 = 291 Euros
Shared Room for 3 = 249 Euros
Rental Tent = 204 Euros
Own tent = 186 Euros

Prices per person for 6 nights and include dinner on the day of arrival, breakfast and lunch on the day of departure and 3 meals a day for all other days.
The rental tents are provided with mattress, sheets and bedding. There is a communal shower and w-c block, kitchen and living room building at the campground.


To guarantee your spot, you need to register and pay before Jan 11 2021.

You are from THE NETHERLANDS, contact Lakshmi Narayan / Hanneke Hoitink
You are from FRANCE, contact Fateh
You are from GERMANY or AUSTRIA, contact Sat Sarbat

K. Alchemy

Meet your Teachers

Satmukh Singh
Satmukh Singh is a Kundalini Research Institute certified Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer for Level 1 and Level 2 programs, and Mentoring Lead. He founded Ajai Alai Awakening with Sat Sarbat Kaur.
Fateh Singh
Fateh singh is a Yogi, healer and teacher trainer who lives in France. He started Kundalini Yoga in his early twenties. Inspired and truly grateful to have found such a treasure, he became a teacher in 2003.
Sat Sarbat Kaur
Sat Sarbat is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. She offers KRI teacher trainings in several countries in Asia, Australia and Europe.