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Homas are fantastic healing tools if practiced specifically for you by a trained Yogi.

We offer personal treatment Homa for specific purposes like:

  • * Physical well being
  • * Emotional cleansing
  • * Mental clarity
  • * Aura clearing from memories
  • * Developing sensitivity and subtle perceptions
  • * Spiritual Alchemy
  • * Blessing of an event, a project or a company
    blessing of a place: new home, office …

First a private consultation will determine which ritual is adapted to your conditions, symptoms and personal energy.
Then the ritual will be done, it is better if you can meditate during the ritual of even be on site.
Then, an ayurvedic remedy will be made with the ashes of the sacred fire with a prescription of dosage. In this way the energy of the sacred fire can be integrated on the long run and on a cellular level.

To book a consultation, you can visit this page and  contact Fateh.