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February 2021 · Intuitive Guidance & Practice

The spiritual force of the month of February is TRUST.

Do we trust, what does it mean for us, what do we trust, how do we feel when we cannot trust, what opens up in us and what changes when we can trust, do doubts keep on coming to the surface even when we trust?… These are some of the questions that we can ask ourselves during this month.

Maybe remember what happened in February last year and how we want to go this year with the new seeds that we planted at its start.

Trust is very much related to our sense of survival. To trust means to let go of the control and know that we can relax. When we do not trust we tense parts of ourselves in an attempt to take over what we believe is not happening or not happening the way we expected. Not trusting is fear-based.

In the moment we lose trust we disconnect, leaving an empty space that needs to be filled in. Our mind will take over and appeal to all memories, belief system and know-hows that we have accumulated over the years. We will comply with others’ projections because this seems the more efficient way to recover the connection that we have lost.

We might also spiral downward in this inner separation, raising the doubt and the confusion.

The seeds we planted during the last solstice of the year 2020 are still under pressure. They are in the process and on the verge of finally cracking. Water starts moving and entering them, bringing with it the consciousness of all adversities and all parts of ourselves that doubt whether we will not make it or finally be able to sprout.

We become conscious of our vulnerability.

If we ignore the potential of the new, our mind will appeal to the old and tap into known strategies to avoid the sprouting and this new exposure. In order to distract ourselves from this new vulnerability, one strategy could be to manifest anger against the old that we make responsible for not being able to change, or the opposite is possible: to become victims of the events and complain.

In order to reach a space of trust, we have first to become silent and listen. Initially, we might hear the chaotic inner sound caused by our own fears but if we manage to contain the pressure we might expand in a calmer field where everything seems to fall back into place. This is the place we open up to trust.

The 14th pauree of the Japji is a good illustration of that process. There are four paurees on the capacity to listen (8th to 11th Pauree), followed by four (12th to 15th) that speak about accepting what you hear when you listen. The 14th pauree tells us that when we have this connection, we have no doubt about our path. It is actually the only possible path! And I am the only obstacle.

The choice we believe to have is an illusion created by the Maya. To believe that we have a choice is the trick we find to ignore our inner tension and project our attention outside. We believe that if we choose right, we will get out of this discomfort. On the contrary, we could dive into this discomfort, contemplate it, and discover which part of us need to be expressed. Once we have done that, what is left is silence and intuition.

What can we do other than the inevitable?

Our mind projects the illusion of the polarities, the opposites, white and black, two possibilities of being… We believe we can be someone else, someone different, better, make a different choice… But apart this fantasy provided by our spacious mind, there is just one reality; the one we are living.

After the tension and the pressure, softness sets in. Imagine a birth. Pain, some fear, excitement, loud voices… as soon as the baby is out, an expansion happens. Tension and separation are forgotten. Love appears. It never left, but now in the silence of the lack of tension, we can feel it again.

At this moment, others will come to nourish the newly created life. It is not anymore us struggling to understand what the world wants from us, but the world is suddenly serving us because the inner is lightened up and what is outside comes to serve it.


KRIYA Working the command post area

Develop your capacity to rely on your inner guidance by calming your anxiety. It gives you the space to dive-in before projecting yourself.

“Free will is essential for existence, but also that free will should listen to your inner will. People have been told there is a ‘God’s will’. When you say that, it looks like God’s will is outside of you. That is not true. There is no such thing as God’s will outside of you. There is a God’s will inside of you.” – Yogi Bhajan

Source: Harijot Kaur Khalsa – Infinity & Me, pages 58, 59

MEDITATION NM139, 1994 May 30, Start recognizing your identity

Support yourself to stay in your heart, in the language of feelings, even when there is an inner tension, resistances to sprout and fears to stay in touch with our vulnerability.

Working by heart means using your feelings and emotions to lead you to your spiritual sense of existence. Yogi Bhajan

Source: Library of Teachings

Practice with us and recall your innocence!

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