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We make an offering of Rice, Pure Cow’s ghee and mantra to the fire exactly at the specific time of the first and last ray of the sun. The fire is made of Cow Dung and lit in a copper pyramid.

The dimension of the pyramid are based on sacred geometry, in vibratory resonance to expand the field of the fire.
Cow is a great teacher in the Vedas, she teaches us to stabilize our meditative mind and synchronize with the universe.
The pure ghee is giving clarity and sustenance to our thoughts and intentions. The unbroken whole grain of rice is our sankalpa, the seed of our intention.

By doing it exactly at sunrise and sunset we tap into the sattvic energy of total balance and meeting of the polarities and connect ourselves with the biorhythm of the cosmos. We align ourselves with the light of the creative energy of the sun.
The saints of this tradition said “Agnihotra leads to this state of TOTAL SURRENDER.”

Many scientific studies have been made and confirm that the atmosphere and smoke of Agni Hotra are beneficials for plants, animals and humans. In some places radioactivity disappeared. In others, crops were more fertile and showed more resilience. Many people cured from illnesses and got healthier thanks to the regular daily practice of this simple Homa.
It is particularly helpful for yogis who practice pranayam because the atmosphere is purified and saturated with high quality prana. The ashes are also very healing and nourishing, they can purify water. Added to ghee they make a wonderful treatment for wounds.

In this video the Agni Hotra ritual is explained: v=uRnsOD2zPO8

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